2011 Aggregate Compensation Report on Salaries

We have already taken a look at the Aggregate Compensation Report on Wages in a previous blog article. Now let us have a look at Salaries, the information from which is based on the and can be found at the CostMine Site. The report is the result of responses received from 104 mine offices, corporate and regional, who have contributed information on this survey.

Listed below are a few specific job titles and associated salary ranges ($/year) that can be found throughout the U.S. Aggregate & Construction Industry.

  • General Manager : 61,800 – 173,200
  • Mine Engineer : 51,400 – 104,000
  • Mine/ Quarry Foreman : 31,200 – 98,200
  • Accountant : 34,500 – 110,000
  • Health & Safety Coordinator : 32,400 – 128,900

Union Mines and Non-union Mines are also treated separately in this survey. Here are some of the average salaries for those same positions (Union Mines/Non-union Mines).

  • General Manager : 100,000–173,200 / 61,800–170,200
  • Mine Engineer 57,500–102,700 / 51,400–104,000
  • Mine Quarry Foreman : 48,700–98,200 / 31,200–77,400
  • Accountant : 34,500–110,000 / 40,700–104,000
  • Health & Safety Coordinator : 60,000–128,900 / 32,400–93,900

As would be expected, in general, Union Miners get paid more than their Non-union counterparts. However, keep in mind that this is only a small segment of the professions listed in the report and the increased salaries for union miners is not always the case.

The salaries available above can also be divided into the major commodity that the mine produces. The categories are Limestone Mines/Aggregates, Crushed Rock, Sand & Gravel Mines/Decorative stone, dimension stone, clays and other mines

  • General Manager : 118,700/ 128,200/ 103,300
  • Mine Engineer: 76,000/ 89,200/ 73,300
  • Mine Quarry Foreman : 52,900/ 66,500/ 76,400
  • Accountant : 70,400/ 60,900/ 68,800
  • Health & Safety Coordinator : 80,100/ 63,200/ 72,000

This commodity and profession specific salary can be a useful tool, but can be further honed for the user by including the geographic location. CostMine have also analysed this data and also related back to its regional location throughout the United States. If we take our General Manager again we can look at how he would fare if he were to move to a mine elsewhere in the U.S. These average salaries are listed according to the following respective regions, Northeastern/Southeastern/Midwestern/Rocky Mountains/Western:

  • General Manager : 138,800/ 117,600/ 112,200/ 116,900/ 119,800

While this salary snapshot shows the General Managers back east have it the best, further detail in the report on annual mined tonnages, and number of employees is also included to allow for more comprehensive comparisons between locations and professions.

If you are looking to attract the best to, or keep them at your mine, then I would encourage you to use the specifics of this report to help in that endeavor. Or even if you just have a curiosity on where you feature relative to the rest of you colleagues, you may get idea of how your skills would be appreciated in other mines throughout the states.