Junior mining company executive compensation in 2011-2012

Yesterday I blogged about the compensation of CEOs of major mining companies in Canada and the United States.  Today let us turn to the stalwarts of the industry, namely the executives of junior mining companies.  They are the entrepreneurs who find, prove, promote, and generally sell promising ore bodies to mid and major mining companies.  Do they get the remuneration they deserve for the risks they take?

For CostMine and their 2011 Surveys of Salaries, Wages and Benefits in Canadian and US Mining Companies here are some numbers—all in thousands of US dollars for the year 2011.

First the total compensation of executives of Canadian junior mining companies- I give the maximum, average, and minimum:

  • CEO = 2,637/1,376/103
  • President = 2,637/1,376/103
  • Vice-President = 2,637/873/124
  • CFO = 1,442/873/124
  • COO = 1,733/1,187/342

These compensation packages include salary, share-based awards, option-based awards, non-equity incentive plans, and “all other compensation.”  Actual salaries are less.  Here are the numbers:

  • CEO = 631/324/89
  • President = 631/343/89
  • Vice-President = 404/245/114
  • CFO = 310/208/60
  • COO = 400/336/200

Here are the salaries for executives of American junior mining companies—for metal and industrial mineral mines:

  • CEO = 631/505/38
  • President = 900/493/30
  • Vice-President = 367/253/37
  • CFO = 367/292/128
  • COO = 500/330/183

The US highs are higher; the lows are lower; and the averages just about the same.  There really are no junior coal mining companies, so no comparable numbers.

None of these high-up mining folk needs be ashamed of what they get—except perhaps those below the $100,000 mark.  The point is that but few would qualify as one percenters, and most are normal middle-classers.  We wish them success with their searches.