An 85.7 gram gold nugget found in Scotland

An amateur prospector working an unnamed Scottish river has found a huge gold nugget, says the Guardian.

At 85.7g (3.02oz), the nugget is believed to be the UK's largest. The prospector, who asked to remain anonymous, found nearly two years ago.

The prospector found the nugget while lying in the river and using a snorkel.

"I was following a crack in the bedrock and found around 2g in fine gold,” the unidentified prospector told the Guardian. The location is not identified for fear the area could be over run.

“This then led to a pocket, where I uncovered the nugget. I called over my friend to have a look and we both assumed it to be around 5-7g in weight. It wasn’t until I removed it that we realised just how big it was."

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