A Neil Young take down by Rex Murphy

CBC's Rex Murphy criticized Neil Young after the singer drew an equivalence with bomb-blasted Hiroshima.

"Now we can't forgive minor sins on any propoganda war—and there is a propoganda war circling the oil sands—but to offer an equivalence and repeat it with the horror of mass obliteration and deaths of Hiroshima go so far outside all boundaries of good taste, truth, judgement and proportion as to be unfathomably irresponsible."

Murphy says Fort McMurray has become a convenient target, ". . . a war against oil or the symbol of what (opponents) see as the fight against global warming."

In the past Rex Murphy has expressed skepticism of global warming and climate change policies.

Last week Huffington Post ran a post asking if The Oilsands Really Do Look Like Hiroshima (PHOTOS).

Hat tip, Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin.