Adaptive E-Learning is the Future of Higher Education

As the Conversation reports, Dror Ben-Naim says that adaptive e-learning will be the future of higher education and will replace the common way of online education. New technologies will provide practical training and experience through a virtual world. Dror Ben-Naim is the the CEO of Smart Sparrow and Adjunct lecturer at the School of Computer Science and Engineering at University of New South Wales.

Instead of students passively learning from a lecturer, imagine immersive online “serious” games where students can learn through practice.

It’s funny to think that the same basic idea that lets online gamers score points by shooting weapons in sci-fi worlds is the same that can now help medical students learn how to save real lives online.

Many of the next generation of our graduates will have honed their skills in simulated learning environments – in much the same way that pilots train on simulators before they fly.

New technology is enabling students to learn in an interactive way, which will leave the YouTube clips and web course papers of today’s online education light years behind.