Advanced simulators tackle tire life and labor skills in Canada

Immersive Technologies continues to increase its global presence by providing Advanced Equipment (AE) Simulators for operator training solutions to some of the world’s mining leaders including the world’s second largest producer of hard coking coal, Elk Valley Coal. The (AE) Simulators produced by Immersive Technologies are globally recognized as the leading training simulators for the mining and earthmoving industries, used extensively to increase safety and productivity on site. Immersive Technologies believes its equipment will positively influence training at Elk Valley Coal’s six Canadian operations, five of which are in south-eastern British Columbia and the fifth in west-central Alberta. Immersive Technologies’ Regional Manager, Cory Cook said Elk Valley’s desire for solutions to address tire life and to increase operator skills led them to Immersive Technologies, the world’s leading supplier of simulation technology to the mining industry. Elk Valley Coal purchased one AE Simulator, Caterpillar 793C, Komatsu 930E and P&H Minepro 4100XPB simulator modules (Conversion Kits®) in May 2007 for their Fording River operations. The use of these in training proved so effective that Elk Valley Coal purchased a further 5 AE Simulator units and 10 simulator modules including a Light Vehicle simulator in May 2008 to cover their other operations. Elk Valley Coal became the first company globally to deploy AE Simulator technology to each of their operations for 100% coverage. They are looking forward to repeating the early success received at Fording River, which more than doubled tire life following the implementation of the Advanced Equipment Simulator. Cory Cook said: “The equipment provided by Immersive Technologies has helped Elk Valley Coal realize tangible benefits very quickly – tire life has improved significantly, and the equipment allows both unskilled and skilled employees to be trained much faster while in the simulator’s safe learning environment. Because of their focus on employee training, Elk Valley Coal is fast becoming the employer of choice in Canadian coal.” This sale by Immersive Technologies to Elk Valley Coal demonstrates that companies are realizing the value of simulation technology as an extremely effective training tool, and Immersive Technologies is the leading provider of this advanced training technology....Immersive Technologies

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