Advertise in the Spanish language News Digests

Every working day we send four news digests in Spanish to over 24,000 mining professionals and investors who chose to receive a summary of the latest mining news, published at Noticias Mineras. This is over a million digests every month!

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We produce different news digests for our readers in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Peru, who get local and international articles every day in their inbox.

As in our English digests, we have a variety of options:

• FEATURED PRESS RELEASES: They make your news more noticeable, especially if you add your logo or an image.
• SPONSORED MESSAGE: A brief message or a summary of your press release in a featured position in our digest.
• BANNER ADVERTISEMENT: Get your brand on our news site or digests. We have a number of packages available. Contact your sales representative.


You can’t just post a press release on your website and expect people to find it. You have to find a way to give it prominence, get people to sit up and take notice. (At InfoMine we process over 100 news releases each business day!)

We can help the mining industry pay attention to your news with our Featured News Release service in either Argentina, Chile, Mexico or Peru. Or, even better, in the four of them.

• Your press release stays in our system; therefore, it can be found by Internet search engines. It also has tags and its own unique hyperlink.

• Add graphs, charts and even video to your press release. Consult your local representative for further information.

• If your press release is already placed in a website, post it in our system to get more visits and relevance in the search engines’ general ranking.

Technical Specifications:

Your text can be up to 300 characters, with an image of 100 × 100 pixels.


A Sponsored Message is a summary of a press release or any other short message that includes an image. This message is featured in a highlighted position and it is ideal for short announcements, with more visibility than a simple banner. You can add an image or a link to forward the user traffic to your web page.


Technical Specifications:

You can post a text up to 700 characters without an image, or a text up to 500 characters with an image of 217 × 100 pixels, or a text up to 600 characters  with a 100 × 100 pixels image.


We have banners available in each News digest (Argentina, Chile, Peru and Mexico):
• 2 Banners (At the top and at the bottom of the digest) of 468 x 60 each one.
• 5 Banners of 180 x 150, each one can be bought for a minimum of 2 weeks or for a whole month. Please contact your regional representative for information on packages and discounts.

For more information, please contact:

Latin America (South of Panama and Spain)
[email protected]
Tel: +51 1 640 9000
Fax: +51 1 446 6864

Olga Ramos – Latin America (North of Panama)
[email protected]
Tel: +52 55 5005 6786; +52 55 5005 6787
Fax: +52 55 5005 6701