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We have several unique advertising services to meet your needs:

1. Top Banner on Left

  • A 728×90 pixel banner at the top and bottom of
  • This is a rotating ad. Five spots are available.
  • Run for three months.
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2. Top Banner on the Right

  • A 200×90 pixel banner at the top of
  • A fixed ad.
  • Run for three months.

3. Sponsor Post

  • Suitable for press releases and other long text announcements. No limit on word size.
  • Sponsor post is fixed. It does not rotate.
  • The client can run all text or an image and some text, but the total length of the post is limited to 10 centimetres deep. As a rough guideline, keep your post to 270 characters, including spaces, and use an image that is no more than 240 pixels wide and 141 pixels high.  A post that is  just all text can use 600 characters including spaces.
  • The title or the hyperlinks in the post can link through to a client's website.
  • Runs for one week starting Sunday noon and ending a week later at Sunday noon.
  • Appears on all pages.

4. Top Right-Column Banner

  • A 300×250 pixel banner at the top of the right-hand column of
  • This is a rotating ad. Five spots are available.
  • Run for three months.

5. Remaining Right-Column Banners

  • The remaining right column banner spots.
  • 300×250 pixel banner.
  • Banners are fixed.
  • Run for three months.

6. Backgrounder

  • Runs on all pages.
  • Due to the high impact of the advertising, runs are limited to seven days each month.

7. Featured Mining Company Profile

  • Suitable for press releases and other announcements.
  • Press release is part of a larger package. Advertising appears throughout the suite of and InfoMine sites. Contact [email protected] for more details.

8. Sponsor Post for Suppliers and Equipment

  • A text ad that appears on Suppliers and Equipment page only.


  • Animated ads can run only 15 seconds in total.
  • Third-party click tracking is available.
  • File format accepted is .gif or .jpg
  • File size for static media is 70K. File size for rich media is 200K with preloader.