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Advertise with us and get noticed. Each business day we email digests to over 200,000 mining and investment professionals—that is over one million digests being sent each month.

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Editorial Calendar

Our regional and commodity digests are similar to an editorial calendar, where an advertiser can run a campaign directed at a specific audience.

There are 19 digests in all covering commodities and regions, like the Uranium News Digest, Silver News Digest and Australia News Digest.

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We also have advertising opportunities in our Spanish and Portuguese language news digests. Contact [email protected] for a media kit.

Advertising Services

We offer the following two advertising services:

1. Sponsor Digest Posts
For longer announcements, when a banner advertisement won’t quite do. Suitable for news releases, reports and other announcements that are text heavy. A mix of logos, small images and text are possible, as well as multiple links.
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2. Banner Advertisements
For visual impact, a short statement and link through to your site. A variety of sizes and styles are available.
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1. Sponsor Digest Posts

Sponsor Digest Posts are our most popular advertising product. It gives your ad maximum visibility. We have a number of spots available depending upon your budget and what audience you want to reach.


Space available in the Mining News Digest – There are two spots available, spot one and spot two. Spot one can only be booked in one week increments. Spot two can be booked daily or in one-week increments also. Spot one has more visibility and will sell at a premium.

Spots available in the commodity digests -Packages are available that can run in all the commodity digests or just one commodity digest, such as coal, gold or uranium.

What the client can run – The box can contain text and one image. The text and title can link to the client’s site or some media the client wants us to host, like a PDF, media or a Word document.

Allowable text and image limits – The box should only be 6 cm deep. If the client opts to include an image, that translates to about 80 words or about 550 characters with spaces. The images should be no more that 150 pixels wide and 150 pixels deep. If the client opts not to run an image, the client can run about 100 words or 700 characters with spaces.

Special formatting – Bold formatting and different font colouring are permissible. The font style has to stay the same.

All available Sponsor Digest Posts can also run banner ads – If the client likes the spot, but wants to run a banner ad instead, a banner ad can be accommodated. Ad would be a 180×150, following IAB standards. See below for how this would look. Pricing and ad length would stay the same.

2. Banner Advertisements

Get your brand on our news site or digests for maximum visibility.


Ad sizes – Ad sizes available are one 180×150 and two 120×60.

Space available –  The same space is available in both the Mining News Digest and commodity digests. Click here for placement.

Run time – Ads run quarterly.

Advertise in our Spanish News Digests

Reach nearly 24,000 subscribers daily by advertising in our Spanish language news digest.


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For more information on advertising in our Spanish language digest, please contact:

Latin America (South of Panama and Spain)
[email protected]
Tel: +51 1 640 9000
Fax: +51 1 446 6864

Olga Ramos – Latin America (North of Panama)
[email protected]
Tel: +52 55 5005 6786; +52 55 5005 6787
Fax: +52 55 5005 6701