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We also have advertising opportunities in our Spanish language news digests.

We have several unique advertising services to meet your needs:

Top Banner on Left

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Top Banner on the Right

Sponsor Post

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Interstitial Ad

An interstitial Ad is a splash page that is typically displayed for around 10-15 seconds before visitors reach a desired content page. Contact [email protected] for more information.
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Mobile Advertising

Advertise using our mobile app. Display your banner at the bottom of the screen or place an ad on our loading page. Contact [email protected] for more information.
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Backgrounder and Banner Ad Specifications

  • Animated ads can run only 15 seconds in total. Backgrounder ads cannot be animated.
  • Third-party click tracking is available.
  • File format accepted is .gif or .jpg
  • File size for static media is 70K. File size for rich media is 200K with preloader.

Sponsor Post Specifications

  • Sponsor post is fixed. It does not rotate.
  • The client can run all text or an image and some text, but the total length of the post is limited to 10 centimetres deep. As a rough guideline, keep your post to 270 characters, including spaces, and use an image that is no more than 240 pixels wide and 141 pixels high. A post that is just all text can use 600 characters including spaces.
  • The title or the hyperlinks in the post can link through to a client's website.
  • Runs for one week starting Monday and ending a week later at Sunday.
  • Appears on all pages.

Interstitial Specifications

  • Size: 625W x 440H
  • Max file size: 80KB
  • Max Video/Animation Frame Rate: 24 fps
  • Max Animation Length: 10 Seconds
  • Max Video Length: 30 Seconds
  • Duration of Display: 10 seconds max

Mobile Specifications

  • 300W x 50H/ 300W x 48H banner
  • Images may be JPEG, PNG, animated GIF
  • Recommended file size of less than 50KB for optimal loading times