ADX to make Electronic Data Interchange for mining industry as easy as e-mail

On Oct. 28, Advanced Data Exchange ( is launching CommerceMail, the first ever electronic mail commerce solution that eliminates the complexities of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) via an email workflow while at the same time, allows enterprises to manage 100% of their trading partners quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Connecting with thousands of suppliers electronically has been a challenge for supply chain integration for decades. Many suppliers resisted the cost and complexity of electronic commerce EDI initiatives of their larger customers. The only way to exchange orders and invoices with small, non-technical or occasional suppliers has been through the phone, fax, or postal service (79% of businesses still use fax for supply chain operations). This extremely inefficient and manual process is prone to errors.

CommerceMail changes everything. Now buyers can send orders directly from their ERP system, while suppliers receive and return business documents directly through their e-mail system. The entire workflow from both parties is integrated, managed, secured, compatible with any ERP system, and EDI compliant opening up millions of new businesses new to conducting business to business transactions electronically.