Alrosa’s board talks about the future

Alrosa’s supervisory board held a meeting yesterday in Moscow.  The board sat down to consider and approve Alrosa’s development plan up to 2021.

Highlights include:

  • The growth of production volume from 34 million carats to an average of 38-40 million by 2021.
  • Share of rough diamonds from open-pit mines will be systematically reduced from 72.8% to 40% in 10 years.  Additionally, the volume of rough diamonds from underground mines will grow from 27.2% to 60%
  • Alrosa intends to implement its ‘non-core assets strategy’ which includes a move to divest from the Timir iron ore project and the gas production projects of Urengoy Gas Company and Goetransgaz.
  • Total volume of rough diamond reserves forecasted for 2022 is to exceed 1,190 million carats.
  • The Supervisory Board approved Alrosa’s intentions to purchase new diamond-mining assets within the Russian Federation.
  • Dmitry Mostovov’s role as Executive Committee member was terminated; Ilya Ryashchin, Alrosa’s Vice President, was elected as an Executive Committee Member.

This meeting comes in wake of Russia’s on-and-off-again plans to sell its 91% stake in Alrosa in attempt to triple its revenue from the sale of state owned enterprises as it moves forward with its drawn out privatization programme.


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