American Tire Corporation Launches Large Facility in California

Chino, California – June 16, 2008 – American Tire Corporation has launched a large facility with a total space of 800,000 square feet in California.

With the global expansion of Colorado OTR tires, this large facility will be able to support hundreds of mining users in different countries. ATC’s preparations for its Washington project and a number of regional operations are under going according to normal procedures.

Meanwhile, ATC has noticed that some big competitors headquartered in Asia and Europe are trying to acquire ATC’s business secrets in addition to discredit ATC worldwide. ATC will keep its eyes open against such illegal activities, and also reserve its rights to take proper actions against such illegal deeds globally.

With the objective to become the largest and best manufacturer for 63" and 57" tires, American Tire Corporation is a well-established OTR tire manufacturer which has a number of operations in different US states and other countries. ATC has created several "firsts" in the OTR tire industry. For more information, please check its website