American Tire Corporation to Start Washington Operations

American Tire Corporation has established dozens of operations in different states and countries. Its Washington operations will be finally developed to the largest giant OTR tire manufacturing base in the world.

Chino, California — July 28, 2008 — American Tire Corporation (ATC) is pleased to announce that its Washington operations will start in August 2008.

ATC's staff recruiting is under going in Washington. A 500,000 square feet facility for the 1st phase is almost done. Manufacturing equipments will be moved to its new facilities step by step. Production will begin as soon as everything is ready but not in August.

The Washington facilities will primarily produce Colorado brand 63" and 57" tires. According to the record of mining operations, ATC's Colorado brand 63" tires have created a ZERO failure history since early 2007, and most of Colorado 63" tires normally perform 8 ~ 12 months based on 24-7 operations. The newly improved Colorado brand 57" tires are able to perform same as its 63" tires.

In addition, ATC is planning to purchase larger piece of land with 1,000 acres later this year for its further expansion in west USA.

With the objective to become the largest and best manufacturer for 63" and 57" tires, American Tire Corporation is a well-established OTR tire manufacturer which has a number of operations in different US states and other countries. ATC has created several "firsts" in the OTR tire industry. For more information, please check its website