American Vanadium and Gildemeister team up to provide grid energy storage to US

Gildemeister energy solutions of Germany is entering into a business relationship with American Vanadium Corp, a company developing a Nevada-based vanadium deposit.

Announcing the joint venture in New York today, Ron MacDonald, Executive Chairman of American Vanadium said a ". . . fully developed and commercialized CellCube energy storage system and American Vanadium's stably priced supply of high purity vanadium electrolyte, the companies together present a unique opportunity to cooperate in the US to rapidly supply the growing energy storage and renewable energy market."

Read the full company news release:

American Vanadium's high purity, stably priced supply of vanadium electrolyte combined with the company’s commercialized energy storage system presents a unique opportunity to cooperate in the US  to rapidly supply the growing energy storage and renewable energy market.

“America's grid is the largest and oldest grid in the world, requiring the most attention, improvement — and money. Mark Johnson of the Department of Energy's ARPA-E agency program commented at a conference that the grid is the ‘world's largest supply chain without a warehouse’ — a simple statement with resounding implications,” wrote Radvak, in his blog post titled, "Planet’s Align to Nurture Grid Storage" for The Huffington Post.

Two phrases that have become common place are “smart grid” and “microgrid” – and the key to both is storage. Smart grid is all about improving the efficiency of the generation, distribution and use of energy, while microgrid is the creation of off-grid generation and distribution of energy using renewable sources such as wind and solar. Neither is efficient unless you have the ability to store the excess electricity being generated so that it can be used later, when it is needed.”

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Photo: American Vanadium CEO Bill Radvak (source: Bloomberg via YouTube)