App uses augmented reality to help diamond buyers

It was just a matter of time before technology was secure enough to break through the exquisite diamond industry.

Once that safety goal was reached, Diamond Hedge was launched. That was in early 2015, but news about the existence of the price comparison site for mobile, tablet and desktop broke just recently.

Its founder and CEO is Mehul Sompura, son of the New York-based owner of Maruti Jewelers. His idea is to allow people to “try on different engagement rings from anywhere in the world using augmented reality, and then compare that diamond from the leading diamond companies to make sure they are getting the best price for that diamond.”

Besides the augmented reality feature where users can find up to 1.3 million different stones, change their shapes and sizes according to their liking, and choose among a variety of 15 retailers to purchase them, the site and app host a blog where they can learn how to select a gem based on cut, clarity, colour, carat, price and other specifications.

Interviewed by Forbes, Sompura said that the startup was born after many of his friends, drowned in confusion, approached him for advice on engagement rings.