Apple is worth three times all the gold and silver equities combined

Today Apple became the world's most valuable company of all time, which senior Sprott strategist Jon Embry called "preposterous" in an interview with King World News.

Apple was up 2.63% giving it a market cap of $623.5 billion, eclipsing Microsoft's all-time high of $620.6 billion in Dec. 1999.

“I would just like to add that we see shares of Apple hitting new all-time highs, even though their last quarter wasn’t quite up to snuff," sniffed Embry.

"But the market cap of Apple is now greater than three times that of all of the world’s publicly traded gold and silver equities. This will be seen as preposterous in the fullness of time, and I can assure that this will reverse as the bull market in gold and silver mature."

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