Atlas Copco’s new high-mobility Diamec maximizes availability in underground exploration drilling

Atlas Copco launches the Diamec MCR, a highly mobile underground core drilling rig. The Diamec has been long appreciated for its performance and easiness to operate, but has so far mainly been available on skids. The wheel-based Diamec MCR offers the full advantages of the traditional Diamec, with additional reach and higher flexibility.

Diamec MCR The Diamec MCR (Mobile Carrier Rig) was developed together with Australian drilling contractor Barminco, to meet increased demands for higher flexibility in underground core drilling. Using a wheel-based carrier, the Diamec MCR exploration core drilling rig can be set up and moved around in less than a quarter of the time needed for a skid-based rig.

As the new rig can move by itself, the exploration driller no longer needs to use the mining operations’ equipment for support when moving the Diamec. This reduces both own as well as mining operation lead times for waiting. There are also great benefits from not having to disassemble the rig prior to a move, as this easily is a source of errors. The power and control units are fixed on the rig.

Diamec MCR The flexibility and easiness to move make the Diamec MCR especially well suited for drilling of medium-depth holes in underground mines, typically ore definition drilling, where the need to move around is greater.

With a 1.8 m feed frame, the Diamec MCR maintains the high productivity figures achieved by standard Diamec core drilling rigs. The Diamec MCR is based on a Simba 1257 carrier, and a Diamec U6 boom, well proven, robust and safe components.

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