Aussie mining town water ‘smells and tastes bad, sometimes black’

Residents of Dysart, a mining town in Queensland, Australia, want the quality of their water improved after tolerating years of problems.

Locals say that water quality issues have troubled the community for a decade, and recently the water has smelled and tasted badly, “and has even been black on occasions,” Melissa Maddison reports for ABC News.

“We sell a lot of water filters and I know the supermarkets sell a lot of bottled water and a lot of people have rainwater tanks and drink the rainwater,” said John Crooks, store owner and long-time Dysart resident.

“I think perhaps they need to upgrade some more of the system to cope with the additional flow and to upgrade some of the pipes around town that are probably at their use-by date.”

“Some people are talking about having health issues…personally we haven’t had any health issues but we don’t actually drink the water.”

A town hall meeting is scheduled for Tuesday evening to review the situation.

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