Aussies trust their miners slightly more than the media

Australians seem to trust the mining industry a bit more than they do when it comes to newspapers, TV or any other news outlet, show the results of a survey by Essential Vision, published late Tuesday.

The firm, which compared the perception of industries and how trusted they were to act in the public interest, concluded that agriculture and tourism are the two most trusted sectors.

The industries the public think care less about their interests were banking, mining, the media and power companies.

From the people interviewed, only 32% said they believed the mining industry acts in the public interest, while 30% said the same about the media.

The mining sector was also the one that caused the most division, with nearly 10% of respondents unsure if mining was trustworthy and 60% saying it can’t be trusted at all.

(Image: American journalist Lucy Morgan, 1985. By State Library and Archives of Florida)