Austar Coal Mine Enhance Emergency Preparedness with PED and RFID Tracking

Austar Coal Mine, owned by the Chinese Yancoal group operates a top coal caving longwall coal mine near Cessnock, NSW, Australia. Austar has expanded the initial fleet of ICCL cap lamps by 136 units, bringing the total to 238 cap lamps.
The ICCL’s come equipped with RFID Tag and PED pager as the system is designed to provide key functionality to Austar’s safety systems, particular emergency preparedness.
The PED System forms part of the mine’s emergency warning system, allowing miners to be alerted by text message wherever they located in the mine in the case of an emergency situation arising. The PED can then also direct or update people as they evacuate.
The underground tracking system will allow management to know where every miner is underground should an emergency situation arise, as well as assist in monitoring people as
they withdraw from the mine if an evacuation was necessary.
Self Contained RFID Tags will also be fitted to underground vehicles to provide day to day management of these assets, thus increasing their utilization.
The PED and Tracking system consists of:
– PED Transmission System with two Headends powering two underground antennas.
– 236 ICCL lightweight cap lamps with integrated RFID Tag and PED Pager receiver
– 13 TRACKER Read Beacons
– 25 Self Contained Tags for mounting on vehicles.
– 4 Zone Display Units to provide Access Control into mining areas.
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