Australian miner reports maiden potash resource in Germany

Melbourne-based Davenport Resources (ASX: DAV) reported a maiden Joint Ore Reserves Committee-compliant resource of 576.6-million tonnes at 12.1% potassium oxide at its Ebeleben mining licence, located in Germany’s South Harz region.

Ebeleben, which covers 38.8 square kilometres, is one of three perpetual mining licences in the South Harz Basin that Davenport acquired recently from the government agency known as Bodenverwertungs‐und‐verwaltungs GmbH.

The project adjoins the south‐eastern boundary of the former Volkenroda potash mine, which last operated in 1991 and produced 27.4 Mt of potash. In detail, the recently announced Jorc resource comprises mostly sylvinite (324 million tonnes at 15.6% K2O) and Carnallitite (252 million tonnes at 7.5% K2O).

“While Ebeleben is one of our smallest areas, [consultant] Mincon has confirmed a significant resource that compares closely to both the historic resource and the recently-announced exploration target,” Davenport Managing Director, Chris Gilchrist, said in a media statement. “We believe there is sufficient data to support the conversion of historic resources into mineral resources as defined by the Jorc code,” he added.