Over 30,000 job applicants for newly-opened coal mine in Queensland


Caval Ridge Mine, a joint project of BHP Billiton and Mitsubishi, was opened today by BHP Billiton Coal President, Dean Dalla Valle, and Australian PM Tony Abbott.

The US$3.4 billion project is expected to produce up to 5.5 million tonnes metallurgical coal per year and create 500 jobs in Queensland.

The mine was popular with job applicants. Valle said over 30,000 people applied for around 950 roles at Caval Ridge and its sister mine Daunia.

"Caval Ridge Mine’s workforce, who commute from Cairns and Brisbane, include 21 per cent females, three per cent Indigenous and 43 per cent new-to-industry employees. We have invested considerably in recruiting and training new entrants to the coal industry who will work alongside some of our experienced operators," said Valle.

BHP Billiton (NYSE:BHP) touted that the mine will move material more efficiently.

"Energy efficiency is a key focus for the mine and was built into its design and management system. This includes the use of highly efficient equipment and the optimisation of truck, shovel and dragline movements. This improves the efficiency of our energy use and helps minimise our greenhouse gas emissions," said BHP Billiton Coal President, Dean Dalla Valle, in a news release.

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Caval Ridge Mine is a an open pit coal mine in Queensland, Australia,  
                 38 km SW of Coppabella.