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US Mint bullion-coin sales 4

Recent years have seen countless claims that gold and silver prices have to head far lower, implying demand is low or supply is high. But the actual data continues to prove this false, showing precious-metals bearishness is rooted in sentiment and not fundamentals.

Stocks in rate-hike cycles

While raising rates out of ZIRP is radically unprecedented, stock-market reactions during past rate-hike cycles still offer some interesting insights.

Post-ZIRP stock/gold era

The Federal Reserve finally mustered the courage to end its radical zero-interest-rate-policy experiment this week. Its quarter-point rate hike announced on the seventh anniversary of ZIRP kicks off the long road to normalization.

Gold thrives in rate-hike cycles

Gold’s deep new secular lows of recent weeks were fueled by American futures speculators’ overpowering fear of Fed rate hikes.  They believe zero-yielding gold is doomed in a higher-rate world, so they dumped gold futures […]

Fed’s Vast Gold/SPX Impact

Yesterday’s Fed decision was one of the most anticipated ever, with much potential to really change the global financial-market dynamics going forward.

Gold juniors’ strong financials

Extreme declines have led investors and speculators to assume that much of this sector won’t survive lower prevailing gold prices. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

Gold miners’ $1200-cost fallacy

As fear-blinded traders rushed for the gold-stock exits, they claimed their selling was rational because gold miners’ very existence was threatened by such low gold prices. But that’s a total fallacy, this sector has no problem weathering sub-$1200 gold.

Absurd gold-stock levels

Gold stocks suffered a full-blown panic this past week! This exceedingly-rare magnitude of selloff was triggered by extreme futures shorting intentionally executed to force a flash crash in gold.

Silver buying only starting

Silver has enjoyed a fantastic week, awakening from its bottoming slumber to surge with gold.

Q1 earnings risky for stocks

The highly-anticipated first-quarter earnings season is in full swing, with traders eager to see how US companies are faring.

Silver poised to surge

Silver is scraping major support again, after a rough couple months where speculators left it for dead.

Trading the parabolic dollar

The mighty US dollar has been red-hot in March, rocketing higher on the incredible divergence of major central-bank policies.

Going for Mexican gold

Mexico’s massive precious-metals belts are some of the world’s finest.

Beware the stock bear!

The US stock markets’ latest record highs have left traders exceedingly euphoric and complacent. They are utterly convinced this stock bull will power higher for years to come.

Gold and Fed rate hikes

Gold actually thrives in rising- and higher-rate environments, so rate hikes are nothing to fear.

Stock traders flock to gold

Gold surged last week on massive buying from stock investors and speculators.

Silver ready to run

Silver looks to be on the verge of a major new upleg, finally emerging from the past couple years’ ugly sentiment wasteland. Silver

Gold stocks turning up

The gold miners have seen impressive investor interest in their beaten-down stocks in this young new year, with capital inflows fueling a sharp rally.

Gold stocks shine in 2015

Gold stocks have suffered a miserable few years, becoming a laughingstock even among contrarians. But this despised sector’s seemingly-endless downward spiral has left gold stocks vastly undervalued relative to gold, which drives their profits.

GLD and gold’s selloff

Gold has suffered a rough couple of months, getting pounded below major support.

Gold-stock apocalypse

This latest capitulation by gold-stock investors has left this hated sector at truly apocalyptic lows.

Canadian golden elephant

In the mining industry, super-large-sized deposits are often referred to as elephants. Like the animal, these deposits aren’t all that common. But also like the animal, they can still be found.

Extreme PM shorting peaks

The world’s financial markets are changing dramatically with the Federal Reserve on the verge of ending its third quantitative-easing campaign.

Nevada's newest gold miner

Emerging producer Midway Gold has hit the trifecta with a trio of advanced-stage projects poised to add to Nevada’s gold-mine tally.

Major stock selloff looms 2

Since early 2013 the US stock markets have done nothing but rally, levitating thanks to the Fed’s oft-implied backstop.