ALROSA among leaders of environmental and energy efficiency rating

The environmental and energy characteristics of almost 6 thousand companies were compared during the preparation of the rating.

ALROSA starts large rough diamond auction in Vladivostok

For sale,166 gem-quality rough diamonds with a total weight of 2,607 carats.

ALROSA September sales of rough and polished diamonds reached $338.7 million

ALROSA, the world's largest diamond miner, announces diamond sales results for September and nine months of 2018.

ALROSA proceeds with non-core assets disposal program

The shares of Almazergienbank were bought by OJSC RIK Plus.The transaction value exceeded RUB 200 million.The shares are to be transferred by the end of November this year.

First auction of coloured diamonds brings ALROSA $9m in sales

210 unique diamonds were sold in the first round. The bidding was very active, and most of the lots were sold for well above their starting price.

ALROSA chipped wild reindeer

Ten female wild reindeer were chipped in the territory of Olenek Evenki national district. Everything was organized under a time-proven scheme. As female reindeer is a herd-forming element, environmental experts from the Institute of Biological Problems of the Cryolithozone of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (the SB RAS) decided to put radio collars on females only. Thus, scientists will be able to track the movement of about 15,000 animals at a time.

Worldwide jewelry sales increase by 5% in Q2 – ALROSA present the results of its global luxury and jewelry market research

"Today, the shares of the Indian market are being redistributed among the stakeholders, with large retailers encroaching upon their smaller competitors. Nevertheless, despite all of the major players' efforts, most sales are still ensured by smaller retailers," notes Dmitry Klimenko, head of the analytics department at ALROSA's Strategic Projects and Analytics Center.

ALROSA sells large diamonds at Israeli auction for $15.6 mil

ALROSA, the world's largest diamond mining company, has summed up the results of the international auction for the sale of special size large diamonds (weighing over 10.8 carats), which took place in Israel.

Kharyskhal children's center funded by ALROSA opens in Mirny

Due to ALROSA's donations, social facilities are being built not only in the diamond districts, but also in some other municipal entities, including in the capital of the Republic.Every year, ALROSA allocates targeted donations to the republican budget for the construction of educational, healthcare, cultural and sports facilities.

Kimberley Process visits Russia with a review

The Kimberley Process (KP) delegation conducted a review visit to Russia on August 25-30 to check the system of mining, accounting, implementation and control of operations with rough diamonds, and to assess their compliance with the minimum requirements of the KP Certification Scheme.

S&P raises ALROSA's credit rating to BBB-, outlook is stable

The world's leader in diamond mining reports raising of its long-term credit rating by S&P Global Ratings international rating agency to BBВ-, the outlook is stable.

Institutional Investor ranks Sergey Ivanov among the best CEOs in the mining sector

Sergey Ivanov was ranked 2nd out of 34 mining companies' CEOs according to Institutional Investor ranking Emerging EMEA Executive Team 2018.

ALROSA to name diamonds "Lev Yashin" and "Brilliant moment!" based on fans' suggestions

More than 30 people suggested naming the diamond "Lev Yashin" in honour of the legendary Soviet goalkeeper. The first participant to propose this idea was Ilya Turbachev from Chelyabinsk, who is to receive a ticket to the final game. The focus of the competition, a 76.53-carat rough diamond, mined at International pipe, will be named "Brilliant Moment!" The suggestion came from Aytalina Argunova from Mirny, who will also receive a ticket to the final game.

ALROSA sells large diamonds at an auction in Vladivostok for $17 mln

In 2017, the total revenue of ALROSA from the sale of diamonds at tenders and auctions in Vladivostok exceeded $70 million. On the first 2018 auction held in May ALROSA sold large rough diamonds for $14.8 million. Until the end of 2018, ALROSA will hold two more auctions in Vladivostok - in September and November.

Alrosa to auction "football" diamonds, the largest one to be named by fansto auction "football" diamonds, the largest one to be named by fans

ALROSA, the world's largest diamond mining company, offers fans to choose a "football" name for large rough diamond weighing 76.53 carats.

ALROSA launches football collection of diamonds on the occasion of the World Cup

The collection consists of 32 round diamonds, 0.3 carats each, named after the countries - participants of the World Cup.

Global sales of diamond jewellery have grown by 7% in Q1

In particular, sales of diamond jewelry in North America (the USA and Canada) have increased by 5% as compared to the first quarter of the previous year. The North American market has a strong lead in jewelry sales volumes - as per the results of 2017 it accounted for 53% of total global sales.

ALROSA allocated RUB 4.4 billion for environmental programs in 2017

One of these projects provides for restoration of sewage treatment facilities with a capacity of 15 thousand cubic meters per day in Udachny town. The second project is the construction of the centre for pumping quarry and drainage waters from Internatsional underground mine to the western fissure.

ALROSA enters the Top-5 of sustainability rating «Polar Index»

"Polar Index" became the first specialized rating of companies whose geography of activities affects the Arctic zone of Russia. The results of the first rating were presented in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on World Environment Day held on June 5.

Severalmaz to test unmanned technologies for mine and geodetic surveying

PJSC Severalmaz tested unmanned aerial vehicles - a quadcopter and an airplane - for mine surveying of land objects of Lomonosov Mining and Processing Division.Preliminary estimates show that the use of unmanned technologies provides high survey accuracy, increases the speed and safety of work.

ALROSA reopens office in New York and successfully holds the first auction

The auction was held in the period from April 23 to May 11. In total, 50 companies from world’s largest diamond trading centers, including 7 firms from the USA and 43 from Belgium, India, Israel and the United Arab Emirates, took part in it.

ALROSA representative elected as RJC Vice Chair

On May 17, Peter Karakchiev, ALROSA's Head of International Relations, was elected as RJC's Vice Chairman at its 2018 annual general meeting held in Moscow.

ALROSA sells rough and polished diamonds worth USD 405.3 million in April

ALROSA Group, the world leader in diamond production, announces diamond sales results for April and four months of 2018.

ALROSA gets two awards for environmental management and transparency of environmental information

Moreover, ALROSA is recognized as one of the winners of the award "Change Management. Visionaries" in the nomination "Disclosure of information on environmental impact". In this nomination the quality and details of disclosure of information in the social and environmental reporting of companies were assessed.

ALROSA sells large diamonds for USD 14.8 million at the auction in Vladivostok

The United Selling Organization (USO) of ALROSA sold 101 special size rough diamonds with the total weight of 1751.1 carats.