Alternative Energy News

Coal Shortages Force China’s Hand and Motivate It Speed up on Clean Energy

Every booming economy could be handicapped by one vita resource – cheap energy. It’s no different for China whose economic juggernaut is entailing a high cost in terms of energy. Coal power plants are shutting down and causing massive outages.

Indonesia green power steams ahead as economy booms

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia can't get enough power to feed its booming economy and fortunately for Mochamad Sofyan, investors are lining up to invest billions of dollars in the country's growing green power sector. Sofyan, head of the new and renewable

Deserted UK tin mine transformed into 1.4MW solar power plant

An out of use tin mine in the south west of England is on its way to becoming a hotspot for renewable energy. Earlier today, more than 5,600 solar panels on the site were fired up by Solarcentury and UK-based solar developer Lightsource Renewable Energy.