Andrew Topf

Andrew Topf is an editor at With a background in newspaper and trade magazine reporting, Andrew specializes in writing about mining and commodities. He has written for the Black Press newspaper chain in British Columbia, Business in Vancouver, and Baum Publications.

Large and small miners: finding common ground

The relationship between large mining companies and small, artisanal miners has been rife with mistrust and has sometimes boiled over to conflict.

FEATURED PAPER: Sustainable tailings management

While waste management could never be construed as sustainable there are aspects of tailings management for which more sustainable practices can be identified.

Climate Change and Canadian Mining: Opportunities for Adaptation

Its close dependency on the environment makes the Canadian mining industry particularly vulnerable to climate change.

New Peruvian invention to cut mercury emissions from gold recovery

A Peruvian engineer says he has come up with an environmentally sound way to isolate gold from clumps of sand without using toxic mercury that wildcat miners in the Amazon basin rely on to extract the precious metal, then dump into rivers.


What they belch into the atmosphere by way of greenhouse gases is certainly a flashpoint for Alberta oil sands operations. Just as critical is what they allegedly leak into water sources and how much access […]

Training Partnership Boosts Mining in Mongolia

A new initiative to train mining professionals in Mongolia is planting the seed for a burgeoning mining industry in the north-Asian country bordering China and Russia. The program, a mix of online and short (two-day) […]

Oil Sands Development Critics in Alberta

This is a story about the environmental impact of the Alberta oil sands, located in northern, Alberta, Canada. Click here to view the video

SAG mill control: It shouldn’t be that hard

SAG (semi-autogenous grinding) milling is arguably the most commonly used method of comminution in mineral processing. So why are so many SAG mills operating sub-optimally and why are they considered to be so difficult to control?

Metal mimics bone

Materials World looks at a metal foam, coated with elements such as titanium, that could be used for biomedical implants.

Up close with Gordon Pitts

CTV News asks the CEO of Saskatchewan Potash Corp. about the future of his company, the industry and the Canadian province hosting the world’s largest potash producer.

Finning's US$400 million Codelco sale

Finning International has announced that its South American division has received a Letter of Intent from Codelco that includes the supply of 20 Caterpillar 797 mining trucks and 15 pieces of support equipment, plus a maintenance and repair contract.

Rio Tinto expands Mine of the Future

Rio Tinto is expanding its Mine of the Future programme to develop new equipment and systems for deep underground mines and has selected three partners to work on the project.