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China's lithium price decline is not the full picture to an industry surging

The downturn in Chinese lithium prices has also led to many false conclusions about what is really happening to the lithium price.

Cobalt sulphate prices continue rise on battery demand, metal remains stable

The price of one of the most common lithium ion battery precursor materials, cobalt sulphate, has continued to surge in August by over 14%.

Lithium ion battery exports reach new peak in H1

Japan and South Korea have both recorded record high levels of lithium-ion battery exports in H1 2016, as auto companies ramp up battery consumption to power new all-electric offerings.

June rainfall eases processing problems in China graphite hub

Pressures on the processing capacities of flake graphite producers in Shandong province – the second largest producing region in China – have been eased by rainfall which has improved access to water.

Cobalt, conflict minerals, and 'unjustified stigmatisation' of producers

The need for responsible mining practices is not new and has for many years been at the top of the agenda for many large scale mining companies.

South Korea's rise to lithium prominence

The nation now accounts for 10% of global lithium demand and is the fourth largest global market.

Tesla Powerwall begins to ship, what does this mean?

Tesla Energy’s Powerwall has to started to ship on a global scale with customers in Australia receiving the first of the company’s lithium-ion battery packs designed to power homes.

Elon Musk: More Tesla Gigafactory lithium deals to come

Tesla Motors' CEO Elon Musk has admitted the company is pursuing lithium deals in Nevada.

Tesla begins Gigafactory sourcing with lithium supply deal

London-based Bacanora Minerals and Rare Earth Minerals have received the go-ahead to supply lithium hydroxide to Tesla's lithium-ion battery megafactory from its clay deposit in Mexico's north-west should the new project reach production.

Chart: Panasonic predicts lithium-ion utility storage surge

One of the world’s leading battery manufacturers, Panasonic Corp, is predicting significant growth in emerging markets for lithium-ion batteries.

Battery grade graphite set for record year

China’s output of spherical graphite has continued to go from strength to strength in Q2 2015 on the back of strong lithium ion battery demand from Asia.

Europe closes in on conflict minerals

An annual list that reveals the names of mineral smelters that do not use raw materials linked with criminal gangs is at the heart of Europe’s push to clean up the world’s mining industry.

GrafTech takeover zeros in on new energy & defence

An affiliate of Brookfield Asset Management Inc has launched a takeover bid for GrafTech International Ltd, one of the world’s leading producers of steel electrodes and value-added graphite products.

China delays flake graphite restarts

Much of China’s flake graphite production remains offline following a prolonged suspension of operations in many areas due to severe winter conditions.

Tesla evolves with low cost utility battery launch

Last night Tesla Motors launched a new range of batteries that can power homes and commercial buildings at a fraction of the expected cost.

Satellite images show Tesla's Gigafactory ambitions

Tesla will need to purchase at least 7,000 tonnes of spherical graphite, 5,000 tonnes of lithium hydroxide, and 1,500 tonnes of cobalt in 2015 ready to begin production by January 2016.

Atacama floods: Lithium impact analysed

After a freak storm and flooding in Chile’s Atacama Desert temporarily closed one of the world’s leading lithium operations, fears of further supply squeezes and upward price pressure this year have been allayed after operations resumed.

SQM’s new CEO on lithium, EVs, and future of batteries

In little under two decades, SQM SA has gone from entering the lithium market to dominating global production.

Apple puts batteries at the centre of its EV masterplan

Law suit exposes Apple's electric vehicle ambitions; Supply chain excellence key to company cutting battery costs and increasing volume for secret EV plan, Project Titan

Here's the timeline for battery commercialization

Big new megafactories coming in 2017.

China lifts rare earths export quota, but grip still remains

Beijing accepts defeat in WTO case and lifts export quota, but will now focus on rare earth export licences and taxes.