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A coal miner's less-is-more lesson for frackers

Arch Coal Inc. has a novel approach to beating the market: by not getting any more valuable.

Best argument for gold standard is Trump himself

Today’s case for the gold standard is based on the view that these recent decades of good fiat money management are a historical outlier and cannot be sustained.

The mining industry has had it easy for far too long — opinion

Industry and congressional opposition to altering the mining law have combined to make it maddeningly difficult to reform. This may be changing.

Gold miners don’t quite put a ring on it: Liam Denning

After a parade of insults, suspect numbers and pitch decks, Barrick Gold Corp. and Newmont Mining Corp. have agreed to a deal.

What Humphrey Bogart can teach the gold diggers

Barrick and Newmont have far more to gain from cooperating than bickering with each other.

Newmont is right to be reserved about Barrick

A deal doesn’t give Newmont shareholders anything they don’t already have.

Actually, Australia should be panicked about coal

One way or another, the end of the coal-export industry is looking inevitable.

Barrick swings hard for Newmont – maybe too hard

Hostile bids bring out the worst in people. On the other hand, they also foster tremendous creativity.

Glencore brings thermal coal's end a step closer

For this industry we’re more likely to see death by a thousand cuts.

Miners' waste problem will only get worse

It’s taken two tragedies in just over three years, but the mining industry is finally starting to clean up its act.

Surprise! robots and trucks have distinct cycles

All manufacturers have peaks and troughs — just at different times.

This iron ore rally is living on borrowed time

Those inclined to make a bullish bet on disaster may be in for a dose of karma. This rally is more likely to collapse than extend.

Brazil's mine disaster shows its shaky foundation

The disaster was also a cautionary tale about how government overreach and flawed corporate governance can contaminate policy.

Global aluminium production growth brakes sharply in 2018

China's aluminium production, to quote Wood Mackenzie, "is not going to fall off a cliff in 2019".

Palladium prices still aren’t high enough: David Fickling

Platinum’s lesser-known cousin keeps going from strength to strength

The rising cost of socially responsible investing: Mark Gilbert

As the saying goes, if you think knowledge is expensive, try ignorance.

Miners are budgeting for a recovery in copper

Don’t listen to what miners say. Look at what they do.

President Trump’s coal comeback keeps falling short

In the grand scheme of things, even the 2,500 coal-mining jobs added since Trump took office in January 2017 really don’t amount to much.

Ivan Glasenberg places a dirty $36B bet: Chris Bryant

Glencore’s coal business should be a license to print money for several more years.

GM unplugs the Volt, but EVs aren’t dead: Liam Denning

Farewell Chevy Volt, we hardly knew ye.

How Nigeria can escape the natural-resource curse

Education and health are the way forward for Nigeria.

Drones are revolutionizing the energy sector: Bullard and Curry

"Drones offer a cheaper and more effective way of monitoring infrastructure than traditional methods of sending workers to dangerous, remote terrain."

Soviet collapse echoes in China’s Belt and Road

Like the Soviet Union in the 1970s, China is coming to the end of a long labor-force boom and hoping that an orgy of investment will keep the old magic going while stabilizing its fraying frontiers.

Death, diamonds and Russia’s Africa Project: Leonid Bershidsky

The killing of three reporters in the Central African Republic pulls a private, pro-Kremlin military company out of the shadows.

Arch Coal is the incredible shrinking miner

Despite President Donald Trump’s repeated assertions of its bright future, coal mining is a dying industry and the secret to a long life in this twilight era is accepting mortality.