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China coal delays not unprecedented, Australia minister says

Processing times for Australian coal shipments have expanded to close to 40 days from about 25 days at some ports.

Gold’s distracted lovers need to go cool off

It’s tempting to wish Barrick and Newmont would just get a room and end the speculation.

The $32 trillion pushing fossil fuel CEOs to act on climate

Business forces are now aligning on climate change in ways that will reshape energy and mining for years to come.

China port reportedly bans Australian coal amid Huawei tensions

The U.S. is relentlessly pushing its allies to ban Huawei and China is starting to push back.

Copper and lithium giant squeezing water rights for miners

Wetlands have been dried out, the environment has been damaged, for the salt flat and for local communities, it is already too late.

Barrick's cost of doing business could shoot up with Acacia deal

Will officials in Tanzania and other countries push to nationalize their resources as the trend continues to gain traction around the world.

China delays coal imports from Australia as tensions simmer

“I don’t believe for one moment this is linked to some of the higher level issues of relationships between China and the rest of the world.” - Mackenzie

Glencore plans new buyback as trading profit disappoints

“They have so much cash they don’t know what to do with it. We’re glad that they are giving it back.”

Peru raids biggest illegal mining zone to stem Amazon gold rush

The government deployed agents from the police and armed forces to La Pampa in the Madre de Dios region to begin closing down mine operations.

Palladium smashes $1,500 as shortages to aid Nornickel, Amplats

Tighter emissions rules are “outweighing the weakness in global auto sales and the growing threat from EV's.

ERG will suspend copper, cobalt output at Congo mine this month

Operations are being suspended while a feasibility study is conducted on building two processing facilities to treat ores at the site.

Hedge fund reaps huge returns but it doesn't want your money

The key to getting monster-sized returns in mining equities is to be small - Plethora Precious Metals Fund

BHP can't rescue iron ore market after Brazil dam disaster

'We don’t see the case for any major investment in iron ore' - Mackenzie

Bernstein quants join bulls on gold sector as cycle darkens

Another hundred dollars in the gold price and the equity window will open.

Copper cops play game of cat and mouse around desert convoys

The new police unit has already had some success, arresting 11 people and seizing about 60 tons of mineral stolen from the copper mines.

Liberia mourns dozens killed in mudslide at alleged illegal mine

The national disaster management agency has been searching for survivors since the incident in Nimba County last weekend

Brazil bans upstream mining dams after Vale's latest disaster

All so-called upstream dams need to be decommissioned or removed by August, 2021, according to a resolution the National Mining Agency published on Monday.

Buybacks and bumper profits on the cards as mining giants report

Big mining has remained stubbornly focused on shareholder returns, rather than spending on acquisitions and big-ticket projects.

SNC-Lavalin faces squeeze to speed asset sales as crisis deepens

It’s surprising how everything snowballed.

China won't come to the rescue in global iron ore supply crisis

“If China’s mines could produce more they would already be doing so."

Barrick CEO says cuts to take miner beyond Thornton’s path

Mark Bristow, known throughout the gold industry for his relentless focus on costs, is counting on his belt-tightening skills to take Barrick Gold Corp. to the next level.

Copper miner's $10B bet comes to life in Panama jungle

Poised to supply a global market that’s tipping into deficit gives First Quantum Minerals Ltd. a chance to prove its $10 billion investment was worth all the trouble.

Miners vs African governments: The fight's just getting started

Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo issued a firm warning: stop expecting supercharged profits from Africa’s mineral riches.

Barrick Gold faces challenges to develop Latin America mines

Seven weeks into the job, Barrick Gold Corp.’s new boss has already discovered, first hand, the challenges of developing and mining giant deposits in Latin America.

Strike over job losses compounds South Africa blackout woes

While South Africa has suffered electricity shortages for more than a decade, the utility is at a crisis point and is seen as the biggest threat to the economy.