How much gold would buy you a home in Toronto?

Toronto homes aren’t that expensive, if you pay in gold.

From Yukon to Patagonia, gold explorers stir after sleep

Outbreaks of gold-rush fever are popping up as bullion markets stage a tentative recovery.

Billion-dollar gold dream lures mining and movie maverick out of hiatus

Frank Giustra aims for hat trick with Leagold Mining in Mexico. Bill Clinton pal sees ‘major’ gold producer within four years.

Gold rallies as Trump’s ‘toughest time in office’ batters dollar

Bullion climbed for a fifth day Wednesday on reports that the president asked FBI Director James Comey to drop an investigation into a former National Security Adviser.

The great Nevada lithium rush to fuel the new economy

At least six startups have recently placed or leased claims in the area. They join North Carolina-based Albemarle Corp., whose recently acquired Silver Peak mine and processing operation has been unearthing lithium from Clayton Valley’s brines since the mid-1960s.

Trump’s family fortune originated in a Canadian gold-rush brothel

Buried in a ghost town in Canada’s subarctic are the roots of the family fortune that paved Donald Trump’s path to prominence.

Gold Fields to spend $1.4 billion prolonging Ghana mine life

The investment will extend the life of the mine by eight years to 2024, in which the firm expects to produce 1.56 million ounces of gold there.

Miners still sceptical that coal surge will hold

Prices rose after China — the world’s biggest consumer and producer — cut its output.

Botswana pulls out of $279 million Norilsk nickel-mine deal

Botswana withdrew its decision to buy a 50 percent stake in South Africa’s Nkomati mine from GMK Norilsk Nickel PJSC because it can’t afford the price tag of just under 3 billion pula ($279 million).

Iron giants to add 200 million tons of supplies through 2020

The world’s two largest iron-ore exporters Brazil and Australia will each add about 100 million metric tons of supply through the end of the decade, boosting a global glut and hurting prices in a slump that will then force marginal miners to cut output, according to Citigroup Inc.

Not with a bang but a whimper: How commodities may end year

With supply gluts persisting from corn to oil, traders are already gearing up for declines.

Unions are copper miners' new best friends

An increase in industrial action is usually bad news, but copper producers should be cheering the souring relationship between Chilean mine workers and firms.

Agrium deal could boost potash prices

Ryan Lewenza, Portfolio Manager, Turner Investments joins Bloomberg TV Canada's Pamela Ritchie to discuss the potential merger of Potash Corp and Agrium and what that means for the market.

India to seek $15 billion of investment to double mining output

India expects to woo 1 trillion rupees ($15 billion) of investment over five years to double mining output and cut mineral imports.

Barrick signs on to Venezuela gold push as oil sinks economy

President Nicolas Maduro turns to mining as a way to boost one of the fastest-shrinking economies in the world.

Soros cashes in as Barrick posts best-ever first half rally

Soros Fund, which took a $263.7 million stake in Barrick Gold Corp. in the first quarter, cut its holdings in the world’s biggest producer of the metal by 94% in the ensuing three months.

Gold miners set to loosen death grip on spending as caution eases

Rising precious metal prices are expected to help bottom lines at the biggest miners.

Gold assets in world’s top ETP drop by most in three years

Gold assets held in the world’s largest exchange-traded product backed by the metal tumbled by the most since June 2013.

Angst-ridden Japanese investors seen seeking haven in Swiss gold

Japanese investors are buying gold to store in Switzerland because of negative interest rates and fears the yen will depreciate as the government grapples with the heaviest public debt burden in the developed world.

Copper’s project pipeline thins as supply deficit looms

Only six major projects to build new copper mines or expand existing operations will be completed by 2020.

Cheap gold mines disappear as buyers splurge for surging bullion

So much for the run on cheap gold mines. Producers who were forced by slumping prices to unload assets last year are regaining leverage.

India miners rally as cabinet approves mineral exploration rules

Delhi wants to open up mining of gems and precious metals and cut reliance on imports.

Hedge funds win world-beating rally with record gold holdings – Bloomberg

Hedge funds boosted their bets on price gains for bullion to an all-time high just two days before U.K. voters took to the polls and decided to leave the European Union, sending global markets roiling.

Silver traders follow gold to longest bull bet since ’09

This chart shows that where gold goes, silver often follows.

Coal rides commodities rally in push to 10-month high in Europe

The fuel has rallied 50% since February, when it plunged to the lowest since at least 2007.