The 5 largest gold nuggets that still exist

From a nugget containing 1682 troy ounces of gold to one shaped like a massive pair of hands- here is a list of five of the biggest existing nuggets.

Why Austria is repatriating gold from London

Many central banks around the world are aware the international monetary system is moving away from the US dollar and that the role of gold will (officially) be much greater in the future

US government lost seven Fort Knox gold audit reports

Every year the gold in Fort Knox is ‘audited’ by checking the official joint seals that were placed on all vault compartments during the continuing audits of U.S.-owned gold from 1974 until 1986, when allegedly 97 % of the gold was inspected. However, a Freedom Of Information Act request (FOIA) I’ve submitted in order to obtain all audit reports could not be honored. Seven reports are missing.

China net gold import 1,212t Jan – Nov

Withdrawals from the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) – currently the best indicator of Chinese wholesale demand – keep up a strong pace.

India precious metals import explodes in October

The latest data shows gross gold import in October jumped to 106 tonnes, up 13 % m/m, up 260 % y/y. 106 tonnes gross import is 1,271 tonnes annualized.