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The complete story of how diamonds are mined

We went through reports from De Beers getting various images of diamonds from the time they are mined and crushed, to the time they are sewed, cut and polished.

Photos: Cenovus Energy Christina Lake drilling site

Oil companies want to mine the sands to make money and help wean North America off its addiction to Middle Eastern oil.

JIM ROGERS: The One Thing Investors Need To Consider Before Diving Into Commodities

Jim Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings, has long said the smartest thing investors could do is become a Chinese farmer.

Commodities are warning of a big slowdown

What is the commodities sector seeing that the stock market doesn't?

What it would take to buy a Manhattan apartment with ounces of gold

t would take 908 ounces of gold to purchase the average Manhattan apartment versus the 1996 low point of 1,030 ounces, a point where many think our asset bubble problems began (stocks, then housing).

Red metal hour: The copper problem accelerates

As we roll through earning’s season a report that caught my attention was Rio Tinto’s earlier this month, which showed copper production from their principle mine, Escondida, down significantly on the year.

Commodities Technical and Fundamental Analysis for the Week of July 25, 2011

Oil Technical Analysis for the Week of July 25, 2011 Light Sweet Crude The week has been bullish for this contract, but we still see the $100 area act as a massive barrier. However, on the daily charts it is clear that every dip becomes more and

Former Goldman trader: there's huge unforeseen demand coming in the physical gold and silver markets (GS, GLD, SLV)

Andrew Maguire, a former trader with Goldman Sachs and a vocal spokesman about what he suspects is market manipulation in the gold and silver markets, has been saying for awhile that there's a huge unforeseen amount of demand coming in the physical gold

China's imminent collision with peak coal

World coal production is dominated by China. China's coal production is projected to peak in 2027 with a peak production level of 5.1 billion tons. World (excluding China)'s coal production is projected to peak in 2027 with a peak production level of 4.1 billion tons.

An explanation of why Goldman Sachs probably got clobbered on commodity trading this quarter (GS)

Everyone expects Goldman's trading revenues to be ugly this quarter . Credit Suisse has a nice explanation of what went down: Client risk appetite has declined, risky asset prices are lower and client activity levels are considerably weaker. With