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Gold falls following Bernanke 'curve ball', US lacks 'credible fiscal plan'

INTERNATIONAL. Wholesale market prices for gold bullion hit a low of US$1,561 an ounce during Friday's Asian session – 4.8% down on this week's high – while stocks and commodities also fell this morning and major government bond prices gain...

Physical gold buying 'good' in the Middle East

The buying, which started strongly on 1st March, has continued throughout the week unabated and it shows that the very knowledgeable customer base has waited for this setback before engaging again.

Gold for the week down in euros, up in dollars amid 'significantly reduced physical market activity

Wholesale market gold bullion prices in dollars dropped to US$1,646 an ounce Friday lunchtime in London – down 1.4% on yesterday's high – as China prepared for the week-long Lunar New Year holiday.

Goldman says commodities to rally in 2012

Goldman Sachs Group forecast that commodities may rally 15% in the next 12 months, sticking with an “overweight” recommendation on raw materials and predicting Brent crude may surge to highest level since 2008.

Trading value of Dubai Gold Securities rises 65% in first nine months of 2011

Trading of Dubai Gold Securities (DGS) on NASDAQ Dubai reached 8,761 securities in the third quarter of 2011, an increase of 1,280% from the first two quarters of the year combined. DGS closely track the […]

Precious Metals Report: Gold still trading at US$130 premium over platinum

UAE. The Finance ministers of the Eurozone have recommended and agreed the next Tranche of €8 billion for Greece, subject to approval of the IMF. The summit of the Eurozone is expected to go into extra time until Wednesday, when they hope to finalize...

Gold should be part of a balanced portfolio, says Dubai-based precious metals expert

UAE. With the ongoing sovereign debt crisis in Europe, sluggish recovery in the US and more uncertainty over the state of the Chinese economy, the demand for gold will continue to hold strong, according to the Head of Precious Metals at Emirates NBD, a...