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There’s too much uranium in India’s water, and nobody’s watching it

A study conducted by researchers at Duke University found high levels of uranium contamination in India’s groundwater supply.

A major diamond auction in Antwerp just flopped and it could mean trouble for the diamond industry

Diamond giant De Beers recently predicted a demand increase this year but that didn't prevent the latest major diamond sale in Antwerp from failing to sell all the stones on offer.

Five ways to spot a fake diamond

One of the most common questions that gemologists are asked is how to tell the difference between a real diamond and a fake stone.

3 troubling things your financial adviser won't tell you about gold

First of all, gold isn't "real money." Just like everything else, its value is in how it's perceived.

Alcoa BEATS earnings estimates, stock surges after hours

Alcoa reported first quarter results that topped expectations on both the top and bottom lines as revenue surged to a record high, the company said this afternoon.

Gold is a prime example of the unwinding of a momentum trade

Momentum is mystical, no one can truly explain where it comes from, why it manifests itself the way it does, or why it seems to come and go so suddenly - capriciously, the jilted trader […]