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Vancouver opposition to oil sands pipeline chance for Redford to be peacemaker

The rallying cry is a simple one: Cui bono? Who benefits?

Alberta NDP only ones talking about oil sands upgrading during campaign

Political leaders are spending a lot of time talking about consuming Alberta’s wealth, but very little about creating it.

In 3-5 years “biofilms” will completely decontaminate oil sands tailing ponds

Researchers at two Alberta universities believe they have found the solution to a major oil sands problem: the environmental risk posed by tailings ponds.

Why does the Pembina Institute need foreign money to fight the oil sands?

So why are environmental groups here getting British pounds to fund their anti-oil sands campaigns?

Oil sands data portal launched by Alberta government

A new, one-stop web portal makes it easy to find detailed information on the environmental performance of Alberta’s oil sands facilities. Searchable data highlighting such things as facility-specific water use, greenhouse gas emissions, tailings pond size and land disturbance and reclamation is part of Alberta’s ongoing work to make oil sands information more open and transparent.

Organizations promote cleaner oil sands production through decentralized energy

Improving energy efficiency and lowering carbon emissions in the Alberta oil sands is the focus of a new partnership between two industry research organizations.