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Underground mining is certainly not a boring job, nor for the faint-hearted

Mike Breecher tells us all about his job.

Meet Ashley. A pioneering woman in mining!

Ashley Larsen is now a full-ticket Heavy Duty Mechanic at Copper Mountain mine in British Columbia, Canada.

Job seekers remain targeted by scams despite economic conditions improving

Scam artists have turned their attention to the mining sector's large legion of job-seekers, several of whom are already out thousands of dollars.

Here’s how much Canadian miners are currently making

They are definitely making more than those working in forestry, manufacturing, finance and construction.

How the mining downturn has affected Geologist salaries in Canada

Having looked more closely at the situation for Geologists in Australia, where we found that even though there have been job losses, salaries for Geologists have remained pretty constant for those still employed in mining.