Carlos Andres - Gold Miners Investment Newsletter

Carlos Andres is the managing editor and chief analyst of Gold Miners, a unique monthly investment newsletter for self-directed investors focused on large to mid-cap publicly traded gold mining companies. Andres has been a natural resource analyst and investor for more than 15 years. He keeps an active eye on economic and geopolitical events around the world and their likely impact on commodity markets.

The battle lines are drawn for 2014 – Gold Miners Weekly

Physical demand from China remains at unprecedented levels while Indian gold demand has, for the moment, been sidelined by government intervention. As a result, 2014 is shaping up to be an interesting year.

Math, the monetary system's buzz kill…

An annual supply deficit of 1,600 tonnes could drain all ETF and central bank holdings in a matter of a few years. But, it is very doubtful that these gold owners would be willing to let their holdings go to zero. Therefore, at some point, the massive dishoarding will cease or slow dramatically and that will be a very bullish moment for gold.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any bigger

News surfaced this week that not only are record amounts of gold being imported into China via Hong Kong, but also via direct import to Shanghai, and much of it is coming from Switzerland, with some evidence the PBOC is the final destination for a sizeable chunk.

China's tentacles grip world – Gold Miners Weekly

Its long tentacles can reach out in any direction, grasping its prey in an inescapable vice-like grip.

Gold in Flight! – Gold Miners Weekly

The real mesmerizing component of Hong Kong’s gold import and export figures over the last few months, is NOT how much Hong Kong shipped to Mainland China. It is how much was shipped into Hong Kong by other countries!

The ascendency of real gold demand – Gold Miners Weekly

Asian demand in general and Indian demand in particular, must not be confused with the superficial understanding of gold and the fickle demand typically displayed by western investors towards the yellow metal.

World's top 10 gold deposits

Southeast Asia is home to the largest gold mine in the world.