Casey Daily Dispatch

Rick Rule: This gold sell-off is a normal event in this market

That is precisely what’s happening.

How to get paid $28/hour for delivering pizzas

Why are these businesses so eager to hire? Because business is booming.

Are you ready for war?

This action strikes me as truly insane.

Bipolar silver: How to profit

On average, silver rises higher and falls further than gold.

Lessons from the Argentine

By David Galland Here are some of the lessons I have learned since moving to Cafayate in the Salta province in scenic northwest Argentina. It's my hope that my observations will be of use to […]

Matt Damon: Broken Promises

Some ridiculous claims are made by the characters in the film and we explain how they are wrong.

Doug Casey on the morality of money

I'm a huge fan of Rand. She was an original and a genius.

Platinum: fear vs. fundamentals

People frequently ask us about investing in platinum, the other precious metal.

David Stockman: austerity is not discretionary

The US is not at the beginning of a recovery, according to David Stockman, former Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Cashing in on Japan's debt conundrum?

On the heels of Fitch's sovereign credit downgrade to A plus (the fifth-highest investment grade), Japan's government debt continues to swell.

Myths and realities of returning to a gold standard

The gold standard, under which any holder of paper dollars could redeem them for gold at the US Treasury, is now within the living memory of just a few million Americans, nearly all of whom would be dangerous behind the wheel.

Ben Graham’s curse on gold

It seems that the mainstream investment community only takes a break from ignoring gold to berate it: one of gold’s most outspoken critics, uber-investor Warren Buffett, did so recently in his latest shareholder letter. The indictments were familiar; gold is an inanimate object “incapable of producing anything,” so any investor holding it instead of stocks is acting out of irrational fear.

Uranium in a Post-Fukushima World

December saw several new reports about the earthquake- and tsunami-induced Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, so we thought it might be useful to assess what these new reports add to our understanding of the tragedy.