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Price of gold to head sideways this fall: Casey

There are benefits.

Weekend Edition: Scrooge McDuck is a hero

All the really wealthy people I know got that way by creating enormous value.

Why corruption in government can actually be a good thing

Strict laws, strictly enforced, is a recipe for paralysis.

The Uranium Sector: A look into our crystal ball

"I see bullish factors entering the market."

Manipulation marginal, not major, gold driver: Louis James

Gold will be revealed as the best form of money ever invented.

My air is more expensive than your air

Clean-coal technology does work… but it isn’t cheap.

What are reasonable gold market expectations?

If the gold market is in a full-blown meltdown, it's crucial to be prepared – to profit.

What lies ahead for gold?

Contradictory market signals create confusion on how to invest in gold today but there is a path through.

The global race for shale development is on

Countries that are not now known for their oil and gas production are showing much shale oil and gas promise.

The hidden costs of precious-metals miners’ optimism

Casey Research analyzes both producers and explorers to see how profitable (or value-adding) they may be under current market conditions.

Are the gold bugs wrong?

Amid the ongoing rollercoaster ride of gold prices, clearheaded thinking reveals reasons to be optimistic.

Time to stress test your resolve in the gold markets

Recent turbulence in the gold market can reveal which investors have what it takes to be successful contrarians.

Don't dismiss the possibility of gold confiscation

What if the government took away your gold?

Lessons from economic crises in Argentina

David Galland discusses the current economic crisis in the country and its likely political fallout, as well as its effects on expats living there.

The hidden bargain: The other yellow metal

The price of uranium remains at multiyear lows.

Rick Rule’s reasons to buy gold and select gold stocks

Contrarian natural-resource investing legend Rick Rule explores where mining stocks are in the cycle and why now is the time for investors to be excited.

Platinum and palladium: A fundamental shift

A look at global supply against auto-industry demand for both metals.

Putin’s power play: How it will change the uranium sector

There’s a new Cold War brewing and this time it’s not about military power.

America’s addiction to foreign uranium

The end of a little-known energy agreement that signals the beginning of a surge for "the other yellow metal."

Handicapping the potential successors to Ben Bernanke

A surprising candidate to succeed Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has emerged.

Buy gold now

With the dramatic increase in demand for gold and silver bullion products, supply has gotten tight, premiums are rising, and inventory is hard to come by, especially for certain silver products.

Doug Casey on internationalizing your cash

The time-tested way to protect what's rightfully yours is becoming increasingly difficult, but more urgent than ever.

The misguided case for capital controls

Time to internationally diversify your assets is running out.

Physical gold vs. paper gold: the ultimate disconnect

An analysis of the precious-metals paper market provides insights into gold's recent free fall.

Gold crash 2013 – deliberately engineered?

How can we explain gold dropping into the $1,300 level in less than a week?