Barclays: Gold struggle to continue short term Copper stocks at 1m tons

Barclays has said in a report that gold may continue to struggle, at least in the short term and gold failed to benefit at all as a hedge of fiscal cliff risks in late 2012

BNP Paribas sees a huge Nickel surplus of 40 000 mt in 2012

BNP Paribas S.A. (Euronext: BNP) likely to expected a huge nickel surplus of 40,000 metric tons (mt) in this year.

Copper, nickel combine to capture printed electronics market

There are better days waiting ahead for copper and nickel in the field of electronics with the new invention of copper-nickel nanowires, which will be a perfect choice for printed electronics, developed by researchers in Duke University.

Speculation about easing to remain focus of Gold traders

In the short term, gold prices likely will continue to be pushed around by traders' speculation on potential easing, said Sharps Pixley in a snippet.

The catalysts for the next gold rally

In 2012, gold has traded well beneath the all-time high of $1924 recorded in September 2011. As we have previously cautioned, a fall back to $1520- or even lower is certainly possible before gold resumes its long-term ascent.

Eurozone worries sink commodities in a sea of red

At the Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX), commodities reeled under renewed Eurozone worries for the week May 07- May 11, 2012. Only natural gas gained, and that too an impressive 8.93% while the rest ended in the red with silver losing a hefty 4.19%

Labor shortages in mining industry may drive gold bullish: HSBC

Labor shortages in the mining industry may constrain future gold output and have bullish implications for prices, said HSBC, a London based multinational bank, in a commodity research note.

'Gold finding support on technical chart'

Gold prices are finding support on technical chart factors, with June Comex gold holding above the 10-day and 20-day moving averages, at roughly $1,646 and $1,652 an ounce, respectively, said Charles Nedoss, senior market strategist at Olympus Futures.

Gold bounces after FOMC stable ETF demand are favorable signs: HSBC

Gold’s ability to hold up despite no indications of further Federal Reserve easing on the horizon, coupled with steady exchange-traded-fund holdings despite price declines in the last two months, are favorable signs for the metal, said HSBC in a commodity research note.

China's gold demand will not be dented even by its hard landing

Having just returned from another visit to China, where I had the opportunity to talk with a number of “insiders” in the Chinese gold community, I am more convinced than ever that the country will continue to have a profound influence on the world market and future price for years to come.

European bailout plan funding could support gold

A boost in the eurozone bailout funds to EUR700 billion from EUR500 billion could support gold.

Aluminum demand continues to lead base metals pack in 2012 13

Aluminum should continue to outpace other base metals in 2012-13, despite softer demand for the past two quarters, said BNP Paribas, a Paris based global banking group.

SMX Iron ore futures index trade hits all time high in February

The world‟s first and only global Metal Bulletin Iron Ore (MBIO) Index Futures Contract (SMMBIO) traded on the Singapore Mercantile Exchange (SMX) crossed a volume of 1,479,800 tons in February 2012, marking a new high since the launch of this unique contract on August 12, 2011, according to SMX.

India's thorium not coal holds the key to solve power crisis

Coal or thorium, is the question before the nation's power generation sector not in the short run but in the long term, both having its pros and cons. Enhancing the energy infrastructure with respect to the environment becomes the need of the hour, regarding India which aims to be a developed nation.

Does US Mint gold coin January sales signal return to fundamental driven demand?

Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev, a non Executive member of the GoldCore Investment Committee, has analysed the data of US Mint coin sales in January and has looked at them in their important historical context going back to 1987.

'Silver may outperform gold in near term'

Gold could build on its rally into next week and possibly close out the month of January with a gain, market participants said.

Is new gold standard a realistic option

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates Read more : economy,gold standard,currency There was a time when politicians kissed babies to show they had the common touch and a real connection with ordinary folk. With the outcome of the US elections...

Barclays commodities research: bullish on US crude, bearish on nickel

Although Barclays is positive on the prospects for commodity prices in Q1, for now they are still positioning relatively cautiously across sectors.

Goldman maintains 12 month target of $1,940 oz for gold

Goldman Sachs is maintaining its 12-month target of $1,940 an ounce for gold. “As European funding pressures ease, we expect Gold prices to converge upwards, back to levels implied by U.S. real interest rates,” Goldman said.

'Factors affecting Indian Chinese jewelry demand in 2012'

China's growing romance with gold will continue and may reshape the jewelry climate in Asia, as Chinese demand challenges India for the top consumer spot. In other parts of the world, the United States and Europe, there is a trend toward higher-end products.

Silver 2012 predictions: What do you think bearish or bullish

Silver 2012 predictions: What do you think - bearish or bullish? Read more : silver prices,silver news,silver bullion,gold silver,silver demand LONDON (Commodity Online): Previous year has been a very mixed for Silver investors. By April it was very...

Platinum palladium: How to trade safely during crisis

While gold has been soaring for the past two years on the back of the eurozone debt crisis, precious metals like platinum and palladium have underperformed.

Become a farmer finance is finished: Jim Rogers

Stating that he'd rather own Silver or rice as assets, legendary investor Jim Rogers indicated that the coming years will be filled with political turmoil and economic uncertainty.

The Euro debt crisis: an American analogy

There may be a precedent for the situation in which the Eurozone finds itself. Across the Atlantic, the United States of America once faced a similar challenge.

Barclays is bullish on gold at $1,600 oz

Even though short-term weakness exist, gold remains extremely bullish given the supportive macro environment and strengthening investment demand, Barclays Capital said in a research report.