Daily Gains Letter

Global economy: why it’s a year-end “mess”

The blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) fell 185 points on Tuesday, prior to rallying to cut its loss—but this was followed by a 170-point intraday decline on Wednesday.

China’s rising: best investment vehicle to make money from it

While China is struggling with its gross domestic product (GDP) growth metrics, the country’s main stock market—the Shanghai Composite Index (SCI)—is easily outperforming the S&P 500 and NASDAQ.

Gold prices: where they’re headed and how to profit

As far as investment and trading opportunities go, gold is currently the stock market’s poor cousin. No one really craves the yellow ore at this time.

Is this the discount sale investors have been waiting for?

October has provided the usual bouts of anxiety that have characterized the month in past years. I warned that we could see volatility and so far, this has been the case.

Where oil prices are headed

It always seems prices at the pumps rise much faster when oil prices increase, but they move much slower when oil prices decline. I guess that’s big oil for you.

Why now is the opportune time to invest in gold

Gold and oil are finally seeing some upward lift, but it has more to do with the geopolitical landscape than inflation and economic growth.

How you could still profit from gold despite weakness

With money continuing to flow into the equities market and stocks, the gold market has seen an outflow of capital.

The investment story of the next decade?

In spite of the debate over whether Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, is good or bad for the nation’s healthcare sector, what I do know is that the additional policies will likely drive up the demand for healthcare services and products as an investment opportunity.

Three variables to consider before investing in gold

While there continue to be many gold bugs out there, I’m not one of them—but I do see gold as a trading opportunity.

Six ways to profit from Russia’s geopolitical posturing

Russia is a major trading partner with the eurozone as well, supplying about 40% of the energy requirements in the area. That is why an escalation in Crimea could devastate the region, especially at a time when the economy is finally growing in the eurozone.

How to protect your portfolio and profit as interest rates rise

A possible increase in interest rates would reduce total investment in the economy and push up the endangered U.S. dollar. Although most economic analysts don’t see such an increase happening before the start of 2015, higher rates can put the brakes on the bull market run in the key stock indices.

Considering dumping stocks? Why you should reconsider

After the year we had in 2013 and the fact that the bull stock market is in its fifth year and devoid of a major question despite the advance, it would not be a surprise to see some selling.

Why a soft first quarter offers hope

The first quarter, by all accounts, was a dud, especially if you were invested in blue chip stocks as the Dow Jones Industrial Average retracted 0.74% in the quarter.

Do fundamentals and technical analysis still matter?

Over the weekend, I met with a friend of mine. He’s been a stock market investor for some time now, and over the last few years—especially since 2012 and 2013—he has done phenomenally well when it comes […]

Special situation stock a boon to carbon fiber investors?

We are seeing a rise in the demand for super-light and strong carbon fiber composite, which is used in multiple applications for both commercial and consumer use, based on my stock analysis.

Should you be prepared for a bullish run in gold bullion?

For technical analysts, gold is entering a potentially bullish phase. The 50-day moving average for gold bullion prices recently climbed above the 200-day moving average—a bullish indicator.

Depressed copper prices presenting perfect buy-low, sell-high opportunity?

Investors too often hear that they should buy low and sell high, but when the prices are low, few really take any action.

Why major profits could be ahead for investors in natural gas

One of the most important investing lessons I have learned over time is to be careful when the price of an asset goes up significantly in a very short period of time—it usually doesn’t end well.

Where to find the best buying opportunity in stocks right now

Technology and small-cap stocks are again leading the broader stock market this year.

Three tips for investing in the emerging markets

In the long run, I am bullish on the emerging markets. The reason for this is very simple: the emerging market economies have a significant amount of room to grow.

The chart that will make you bullish on gold

Gold bullion prices never declined below their lows. Instead, there was a formation of the chart pattern called the “double bottom.”

Geopolitical events boosting these American stocks

When it comes to Wall Street, oil isn’t the only commodity investors are seeking stable supplies of—you can add platinum to the list.

Three reasons to buy gold now

We see demand for gold bullion continues to increase, and at the same time, supply constraints are slowly starting to show.

An ETF to boost your portfolio whatever the weather

Despite stagnant wages and increased borrowing, Americans ramped up their consumer spending in January.

Are ETFs really the best investment for you?

One of the investment strategies discussed in the mainstream these days is to add exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to your portfolio. It is said that when you do just that, your portfolio has lower risks and you are […]