Eric Coffin of HRA Advisories

A self-dealing market

While the resource sector has been decidedly 'meh' for the past couple of months, you can't say the same for the big board.

Yellen comes down the chimney

Seven years of zero interest rates have created plenty of capital misallocation, mal-investment and yield chasing.

Eric Coffin – "I'm looking for 50-100%-plus gains over the next 12-24 months"

Eric gives us a new perspective on US economic recovery, trends to watch in 2016 and a selection of companies with the potential to break out.

Year-end inflection points: Dead ahead

It’s widely expected that the ECB and US Fed will drift even further apart in their basic policy stances this month.

Janet's kool-aid stand

Indeed, there have been some better readings on the US economy lately but things are far from outstanding.

Bad News Is Good News. For Now.

Since the last issue the “optimistic scenario” has been the clear winner.

Who to believe?

Markets, or rather the inter-relationships between markets, just seem to get stranger.

Olive Oil: The Year Ahead – Part I

It’s all rainbows and ponies on Wall St right now which should make any sensible person a bit nervous.

A slippery slope

Volumes remain high in the bullion markets and volatility is higher if anything.

There's something happening here

The leading edge is starting to arrive.

Gold could see hotter than expected summer

The latest move in gold stocks looks strong enough to be the real thing.

Bipolar Markets

Another period of sideways, with a few sharp turns along the way to keep traders on their toes. We basically stand where we were a month ago and we’re still waiting to see if we get a spring rally in resource stocks that lifts us above the March high for the Venture index.

Traders resolve tested

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the market the gold price and junior resource stocks drop and nervous traders declare the sky is falling yet again.

Fearless, foolish predictions for 2014

Precious metals, base metals, the juniors, major markets and the 'China issue.'

QE unplugged

It’s possible new sellers will appear each time QE is reduced but reactions should get smaller as traders accept QE is ending and price it in.

Eric Coffin: The new abnormal

A short period of something like normality hopefully means the small subset of juniors delivering real results will get a hearing and positive reaction to good news.

The good news bears

Gold continues to struggle and so do explorers.

There may be a test later

As long as gold can continue to gain, the recent trading activity has the look of a double bottom.

Resource sector paradigm shift: Part II

There was little reason for optimism and certainly no optimists that we could find in the junior space this month.

So far, so mediocre

More than six weeks into the new year and there is still no joy for junior resource traders.

Promises, promises

The XEU (Euro) and gold charts presented on this page are a good reading of the short term track record of European and US central bankers. Since bottoming near $1.20 in July the Euro staged a 10% […]

Crossing the Rhine

This month’s calendar has been chock a block with one important meeting or vote or conference after another.

World’s dumbest politician

A country that represents less than 2% of the Euro block and a tiny fraction of the world economy continues to be the tail that wags the dog.

The PDAC curse

It’s that time of year again. Thirty five thousand people descended on Toronto to take part in the largest mining industry confab in the world.

Europe's red tape blues

Another month, another Euro area country in the hot seat.