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Gold is money and it is essential to own some of the physical metal

Many individuals are perplexed about the current low gold prices especially with all the madness in the world. It just doesn’t make sense.

Russia and China increase gold holdings while central banks continue their expansionary monetary policy

Even though the price of gold failed to make a decisive break above the 200 day Moving average, the price looks set to continue its upward trajectory.

In an environment of low interest rates, exploding debt, slow economic growth, you need a reliable store of value

Gold prices rebounded from a five year low in July to the highest in seven weeks, boosted as investor confidence in the dollar waivered amid doubts U.S. interest rates will rise this year.

Could gold prices soar in September?

Gold prices began this week on a slightly negative note as prices drifted back towards their lowest levels since mid-August.

Even though investor sentiment remains negative towards gold, demand for the physical metal is very robust.

Although investor sentiment remains largely negative towards gold, the price of the yellow metal seems to be carving out some support above $1180 an ounce.

Gold prices weaker on latest Greek bailout agreement, but demand for physical remains robust

Gold prices continue to remain under pressure after hitting a four-month low on Friday, as the dollar tumbled against the euro on signs of renewed optimism that Greece may secure fresh funding from its’ European creditors.

Hold precious metals as banks try to criminalize the use of cash in their latest act of financial repression

Gold hit its’ highest since early April at $1,215 earlier this week but failed to hold that level after the latest Federal Reserve meeting.

New developments in Asia will have more impact on financial markets than garbage rhetoric from the U.S. Fed.

The price of gold experienced its longest winning streak since 2012, last week as the price broke through the $1,200 level early Thursday and soared as high as $1,220 as Saudi Arabia launched airstrikes against Iran-backed Shiite militants in Yemen.

Gold prices set to climb in the New Year

Interestingly, while softer oil prices have usually had a negative impact on gold prices, as it hurt gold's appeal as a hedge against oil-led inflation, the price of gold has remained firm even though the price of crude oil has slumped to fresh five year lows.

Robust demand for physical gold support prices

Gold prices climbed to their highest level since Sept. 10 last week, breaking above the $1,250 an ounce level.

Demand for physical gold remains strong as bullion banks suppress prices.

September has been a poor month for precious metals. Gold is down 5.2%, despite it being gold’s strongest month from a seasonal perspective.

As lying seems to be the nature of our global leaders, don’t trust any of them

Gold prices have begun this week on a slightly firmer note, reversing the trend of the previous six days, after physical buying emerged in Asia as well as some short covering ahead of a meeting […]

The game of politics and why it is imperative to hold gold and silver

We are experiencing some very strange times. People are turning on one another over everything from race and religion to socio-economic status. Governments are waging wars against not just foreign governments, but their own citizens resulting in standoffs in suburban streets!

Slow global growth, geopolitical tensions send gold higher

Slow global growth and increasing geopolitical tensions send gold prices higher.

In the long-term, gold prices will make substantial gain

Under normal circumstances, the release of bad Growth Domestic Product (GDP) figures would have induced some selling in equities, but almost every time there is negative news, particularly in the US the stock market moves higher.

Geopolitical tensions particularly in Ukraine continue to dominate the gold market

Despite a mainly negative sentiment towards gold from investors as evidenced in the continued liquidation in gold-backed exchange-traded funds amid signs of an improving U.S. economy, the crisis in Ukraine has prompted in recent safe-haven buying which helped boost the price of gold to three-week highs above $1,300 an ounce.

Dubai emerges as a global gold centre as demand for bullion continues despite bearish reports from most western analysts

Even though the price of gold has fallen below the psychological level of $1330 an ounce, and while the mainstream media continues with its consistently negative coverage, demand for physical gold remains extremely robust in certain regions.

Hedge yourself against geopolitical tensions and expansionary monetary policies of central banks with gold

It has been slightly more than two weeks since the price of gold soared to over $1380 an ounce on due to tensions between the US, Europe and Russia over Crimea. As to be expected the event did not escalate into a major global war and so much of the safe haven buying has dissipated for now.

The best protection against corrupt governments and geopolitical tensions is gold.

Recently, the global gold market has been dominated by the situation in Crimea and the latest Federal Open Market Committee.

Something sinister lies behind the recent drop in the gold price

The recent sell-off in gold and silver defies the fundamentals of the market, and all logic.

Investors must hold physical precious metals and store them outside the banking system

Don't hold your gold at the bank.

Even though gold prices have fallen recently, the bull market is far from over

Gold prices seem to have stabilized for now, after a tumultuous two weeks, when the price of the yellow metal was driven down by speculators on Comex who reacted to the slightest bit of economic news.

Gold prices may have fallen in the short-term, but this bull market is far from over

The prudent investor is able to read between the lines.

As Central Banks continue to debase their respective currencies, owning gold is essential.

Last week gold prices rallied strongly after GDP growth in the U.S. unexpectedly contracted in the final three months of 2012 and for the first time since the recession.

The outcome of the US elections will not change the long-term trend of gold

After plunging on Friday, gold prices have rebounded for a second day on Tuesday as the US dollar was a touch weaker ahead of the U.S. presidential election.