David Franklin - Sprott Asset Management

Double, double toil and trouble. 'Treasuries' burn and 'markets' bubble.

The Federal Reserve has created an economic problem worthy of a Shakespearean tragedy.

India will dominate the silver market in 2013

Indians are currently on track to import 25% of the world’s mined silver supply. And, believe it or not, this number could increase given the forecasts for monsoon season.

Ghosts of LTCM

Could the FOMC be providing easy money in an effort to pre-empt the impact of the debt ceiling debate on the US economy?

All eyes on South Africa

Labour talks are close to failing in South Africa, setting the stage for a series of strikes that could have a significant impact on the precious metals market.

Have precious metals bottomed?

The recent price action in precious metals has been dramatic.

Shanghai surprise

China now has four of the world’s ten biggest banks.