Edmonton Journal

Oil sands buyout spree paying off as takeovers boost output

The acquisition spree that returned much of Alberta’s oil sands to Canadian hands is so far working out as the buyers projected, with results at Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. and Cenovus Energy Inc. beating expectations on the back of higher output and lower costs.

Water expert detects little heavy metals in oil sands moss

Water expert Bill Shotyk was doing research in Germany when he read a newspaper article about pollution in the Athabasca River that included heavy metals, lead and mercury.

Some facts about northern Ontario's massive Ring of Fire mining deposits

Chromium is the Ring of Fire's main claim to fame, but there are also proposals to mine nickel there, and hopes for copper, zinc, gold and palladium.

Fort McMurray healing walk protests oil sands development

A fine dust swirled around George Poitras as he marched with about 200 others along Highway 63 in the third annual Tar Sands Healing Walk near Fort McMurray Saturday.

CNRL faces environmental charges

Alberta has laid three charges against a major oilsands company in connection to the alleged release of hydrogen sulphide gas, a byproduct of bitumen production.

West coast pipeline key to Canada’s interests, economist says

With Alberta’s Western Canadian Select crude trading at $30 a barrel less than world oil prices, Canada must build a new pipeline to the West Coast for the sake of its economic health, says Scotiabank economist Patricia Mohr.

Giant mining machines to descend on Edmonton, Canada, for awareness show

Giant mining machines towering over Churchill Square this week won’t be extracting riches from downtown Edmonton, but are part of an exercise to build awareness of mining’s impact on everyday life.

$72B in lost revenue at stake in B.C. Northern Gateway pipeline

Oil producers could lose $72 billion over nine years if a pipeline to carry Alberta bitumen to the West Coast isn't built, a new report for the Alberta government says as community hearings for the […]

Alberta sees oilsands tours as a way to educate international community

The Alberta government offered a record number of oilsands tours to U.S. politicians, foreign diplomats, international reporters and others in 2011 to help curtail growing criticism.