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Gold and silver bullion are on the move

On Wednesday, the Bundesbank confirmed reports and announced it will repatriate a portion of its foreign gold reserves. By 2020, the central bank intends to store half of Germany’s gold reserves in its own vaults within the country, compared to only 31 percent now.

Gold & silver: don’t call It a comeback story

After several months of lackluster returns, precious metals have recently surged higher. Gold and silver have been performing like they both have something to prove.

Do hedge funds still have faith in gold?

Over the past three months, gold has been in a tight trading range between $1,540 and $1,640. However, several well-known hedge funds recently made large moves regarding the safe-haven asset.

Gold and silver lessons from Pawn Stars

Despite being in a bull market for the past decade, precious metals are still widely under-owned by historical standards. The percentage of wealth held in gold and silver today fails in comparison to the last bull market thirty years ago.

Silver: A metal of sunken treasure and champions

Earlier this week, Odyssey Marine Exploration, a world leader in deep-ocean shipwreck exploration, announced it successfully recovered approximately 48 tons of silver bullion from the SS Gairsoppa. Despite the silver being submerged for 71 years, it is still a highly prized discovery as the precious metal has appreciated in value.

Is gold stuck in Bizzaro Land?

In the Seinfeld episode “The Bizarro Jerry,” Elaine meets a group of people who are complete opposites of Jerry, George, Kramer. The show provides a rather striking similarity to today’s Bizarro financial market.

How strong is global gold demand?

Even though gold prices can experience declines that appear to be unfounded, demand from various categories and parts of the world continue to provide support to prices.

Endeavour silver provides blueprint to Sprott's call to action

Eric Sprott, legendary gold and silver investor and chairman of Sprott Inc., famously issued an open letter to 17 of the world’s largest silver producers last year.

Will Doomsday Bill help gold and silver shine?

The state of Wyoming recently brought up legislation to launch a study into what the state should do in the event of a complete financial collapse in the country.

Do central banks care more about the Dow or gold?

On Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average briefly climbed above 13,000, its highest level since May 2008. Many rejoiced at the psychological milestone as the index has nearly doubled from March 2009 lows.

Warren Buffett trashes gold, but what about silver?

In a recent Fortune article, Warren Buffett provided a glimpse into his upcoming annual shareholder letter. Buffett used this opportunity to once again remind everyone how much he dislikes gold.

Which gold and silver stocks does Dr. Ron Paul favor?

Total Return, The Wall Street Journal’s personal-finance blog, recently reviewed presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul’s (R-TX) investment portfolio.

Gold demand increases as central bank purchases jump 556%

Despite record high nominal prices and bubble claims, demand for gold continues to grow.

Here is why gold is the commodity above all others

On Tuesday, the Dow (NYSE:DIA), S&P 500 (NYSE:SPY), and the Nasdaq (NASDAQ:QQQQ) all managed to save a little face as Ben Bernanke reassured markets of more cheap money for at least another two years. Although equities and commodities (NYSE:RJI) have been witnessing a selloff over the past few days, gold (NYSE:GLD) has remained strong. Comex December gold futures reached a new high of $1782.50 on Tuesday.