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Gold demand just had its strongest-ever first quarter

This year’s first quarter is one for the history books. Not only did gold appreciate at its fastest pace in 30 years, but demand for the yellow metal was the strongest it’s ever been on record.

Silver Wheaton: The ultimate streaming service

“There’s a healthy appetite for streams right now.”

"Golden cross" for gold

Gold owes a lot of its success this year to negative real interest rates, something it didn’t have on its side in early 2015.

Comparisons to 2008 spark gold’s fear trade

Plunging oil prices, rising market volatility, surging global debt—it’s all beginning to remind some investors of 2008.

How gold got its groove back

Who says gold lost its appeal as a safe haven asset?

How gold got its groove back

Despite all the talk of rising interest rates in connection to gold, they’re not a dominant driver of prices says Frank Holmes of US Global Investors.

Life is uncertain and so are interestrates

September 11 is a day when we pause and reflect on where we were when—when the towers came crumbling down, when our nation’s capital came under attack, when so many lives were cut short, when so many heroes rushed in.

Big name investors are piling back into commodities

A few legendary influencers are making huge bets right now on commodities, an area that’s faced—and continues to face—some pretty strong headwinds.

The many uses of gold

Gold’s many qualities make it one of the most coveted metals in the world.

Gold on sale, says the rational investor

The leveraged gold futures derivatives market is knocking down the precious metal, yet in massive contrast, this drop has ignited...

There’s a huge disparity between how regulators deal with gold and stock market manipulation

What's going on.

$8 trillion alternative energy boom is a win for copper

Copper will remain an irreplaceable component in our ever-expanding energy needs.

Gold in the age of soaring debt

The world now sits beneath a mountain of debt worth an astonishing $200 trillion.

Billions and billions pour into India and China

It’s been a little over a year since Narendra Modi took office in India, and so far the results have been mostly positive for the South Asian country and the surrounding region...

Breaking from the gold standard had disastrous consequences

About 100 years ago, in his testimony before Congress, banking giant J.P. Morgan famously stated: “Gold is money, and nothing else.”

What America can learn from China’s infrastructure

Heavy news indeed for the country known for building the first-of-its-kind transcontinental railway and interstate highway system.

Rate hike ahead? Here’s how to get your portfolio ready

We need to discuss core investing.

Yes, the top 1 pct do pay their fair share in income taxes

If you do the math, you’ll find that these 3 million Americans were responsible for contributing approximately $644 billion in tax revenue in 2014.

Finding Value in Declining Commodity Prices

Amazingly enough, precious metals are the best-performing commodities sub-sector so far this year, having collectively lost 2.5 percent.

Skin-in-the-game investing: Why it matters

“Why is the fund good enough for me but not good enough for them?”

China just crossed a landmark threshold

Many are already likening the new Silk Road undertaking to the Marshall Plan

Currency wars heat up as central banks race to cut rates

“The U.S. seems to be the only country right now that doesn’t mind having a strong currency.”

Epic price reversal for commodities in 2014

Whereas total returns for the S&P 500 Index and 10-Year Treasury bond stayed relatively stable throughout the year, commodities and the U.S. dollar both made an incredible about-face starting around late June, early July.

Solar energy powers silver demand to record high

For the first time, in fact, silver demand in the fabrication of solar panels is set to outpace photography, if it hasn’t already done so.

New jobs data: America off the mat, ready for the next round

The recession hit us hard, but like any iron-willed prizefighter, we rose off the mat, ready for the next round.