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Frik is editor and writer for Frik has worked as a financial journalist for 15 years appearing in a number of business and consumer publications including British Airways in-flight magazine, Business Insider,,, YCharts and Business in Vancouver. Frik was a speaker at the 2014 Global Mining Summit in Las Vegas, the Mine Lifecycle Management conference in Salt Lake City and the 2015 Canada Investment Conference in Vancouver. (DISCLAIMER: Frik Els does not own shares or hold positions in any of the equities he writes about. Nothing written should be construed as a solicitation to buy or sell any securities. Seek the advice of a broker/dealer first.)

Here comes the half conveyer-belt, half train hybrid

Elevated below rail technology has the potential to open up significant mining assets long considered stranded.

Iron ore price back below $50

Down 27% in a month – 14 reasons the iron ore price has a lot further to fall.

Boom in private debt financing for mining

Australia's Taurus raised $683m to invest in mining company debt last year, while two funds currently in the market are targeting investor capital of $800m.

ETF investors pile in despite worst gold price run in 6 months

Chart: Gold price is down $60 in a week of trading, but physically-backed gold ETF investors remain convinced of longer term uptrend.

Idaho silver mine shaft sunk to final depth of 9,587 feet

Project to extend life of Hecla Mining's Lucky Friday silver mine beyond 2040.

Gold price drops to six-week low

Hedge funds scramble to dump 708 tonnes worth of longs on New York futures market as gold suffers worst trading day since March.

Iron ore price falls 5% – China scrap adds to oversupply fears

China's steel association warns accumulated steel output will exceed 10 billion tonnes in 2016 as scrap prices drop below pig iron costs inside the country.

Vale readies for iron ore price war

For competitors S11D is a four-letter word.

Risks mount for gold producers over deep capex cuts

New report says cutbacks in capital spending are shrinking production profiles faster than expected and eating into earnings.

Harvard, IMF economist: Emerging markets must go for gold

If all central banks were to hold at least 5% of forex reserves in gold (versus 60%+ in rich economies) it would require the purchase of almost 8,000 tonnes

Copper price falls to 3-month low, defies bullish forecasts

Traders ignore new survey of 22 economists that found consensus for double digit gains by the fourth quarter and into 2017.

One in five rare earth companies want out

A new survey of the rare earth industry outside China shows many producers and processors are responding to weak prices by exiting the market.

Copper price won't lag spiking oil for much longer

China's spending on infrastructure is being front-loaded and should translate into significantly higher copper demand later in the year.

CHARTS: 2016 gold price rally's all about ETFs, hedge funds

At the same time consumer and central bank demand is plummeting, raising questions about the sustainability of the upswing.

Miners going broke – worst still to come

New report says mining and metals companies set to default on debt at more than three times the historical rate going back to 1983.

CHARTS: The May mining and metals meltdown

Seven trading days in and already global mining investors are nursing double digit declines as everything from copper to met coal to silver take a beating.

Iron ore price bubble bursting

In a rerun of last year's stock market collapse in China, mainland retail investors are now fleeing raw material markets frantically bid up since March.

Freeport sells prized African copper mine

Tenke Fungurume in the DRC goes for $2.65 billion to China Molybdenum – Freeport also offloading Africa exploration project and cobalt refinery in Europe.

Major correction underway for mining stocks

Monday mayhem as metals rally evaporates and mining's top names are dumped – Anglo's losses since a week ago now 28%, Freeport has plunged 25%.

This is the first and only miner upgraded this year

Mining's marquee names have had their credit investment ratings slashed or reduced to junk. This diamond company is defying the downturn.

Worst week for iron ore price since October 2011

Rout continues ahead of crucial Chinese import data.

Copper price breakout point coming soon

New study shows existing mines, committed projects will fill demand gap only until the end of the decade – then follows "marked downtrend in production"

Iron ore price drops below $60

Down 9% since Monday as Chinese speculators pull out and Rio Tinto CEO warns of oversupply.

BHP, Vale disaster turned into mining's Deepwater Horizon

Shares in mining giants tumble after civil suit in Brazil claims $43 billion in damages based on clean-up costs associated with BP's oil spill in the Gulf.

Diamonds add sparkle to Anglo's improving outlook

Moody's praises higher than expected valuation for the sale of the niobium, phosphate businesses and improving prospects for the global diamond market.