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China's war on pollution to push palladium higher still

Posted on July 29, 2014

China produces 20 million vehicles a year and has to double the average palladium load to catch up with US emissions standards.

Aussie miners see more doom and gloom ahead

Posted on July 29, 2014

Survey shows 9 out of ten Australian mining execs see few positives over next 12 months.

Australia billionaire mutual admiration society reaches new heights

Posted on June 30, 2014

Mining innovation. What could be controversial about that?

Iron ore price: It's all about grade now

Posted on June 30, 2014

Domestic supply can't be cut much further and Chinese steelmakers are demanding deeper discounts for lower grade imports.

Chinese M&A: Watch out for Las Bambas effect

Posted on June 29, 2014

China's 'Order 9' makes it much easier for domestic companies to make acquisitions abroad.

Canada identifies top rare earth projects

Posted on June 29, 2014

Parliamentary report says half of globe's known rare earth reserves are in Canada and China's deposits could be worked out within three decades.

Hedge funds add record 61% to bullish gold bets

Posted on June 29, 2014

Smart money playing catchup after three weeks of gold price gains add record number of net long positions for the week to 12.1 million ounces.

VIDEO: Rio's robot army has been to the moon and back 5 times

Posted on June 28, 2014

The autonomous trucks mining the Pilbara controlled from Rio Tinto's nerve center in Perth have moved 200 million tonnes and traveled 4 million kilometers.

Strike is over but platinum, palladium prices have plenty upside

Posted on June 28, 2014

New report says risks to supply remain substantial.

Glencore said to be eyeing Simandou North

Posted on June 27, 2014

Glencore has little exposure to iron ore and the commodity has long represented the bulk of profits at the Swiss-based company's diversified peers.

Copper price: Emptying warehouses spark red hot streak

Posted on June 26, 2014

The copper price has defied all predictions of a steep decline this year and is now honing in on 4-month high after the longest rally since 2005.

Cayden hits best Mexico grades yet

Posted on June 26, 2014

The Peña de Oro target at the Vancouver junior's El Barqueño property in Mexico intercepts 45 meters of 4.06 g/t Au with 0.39% Cu and 19 meters of 4.98 g/t Au with 0.26% Cu,

Anglo American not interested in Simandou north

Posted on June 26, 2014

Diversified giant Anglo American won't be bidding for the one of the greatest iron ore prizes anywhere in the world.

China finds massive hole in $80bn gold financing industry

Posted on June 26, 2014

Following on the heels of copper and iron ore financing scandals, Beijing uncovers fraud in gold-backed loan industry dating back more than two years.

CHARTS: Gold price entering make or break territory

Posted on June 25, 2014

Was last Thursday's $50 surge in frenzied trading just a blip?

There's no budging these gold price bears

Posted on June 24, 2014

"Any price level above $1,300 per ounce must be viewed as opportunity to sell gold."

ETF sold gold piling up as Chinese imports drop 83%

Posted on June 24, 2014

Swiss customs data for May show delivery from UK gold vaults to Switzerland's refineries jumping 32% to 32 tonnes, just as Chinese buying tanks 83%.

Copper price extends rally after Chinese data, deficit surprise

Posted on June 23, 2014

Seven straight days of gains.

Germans give up on getting back their gold held in US

Posted on June 23, 2014

"The Americans are taking good care of our gold Objectively, there’s absolutely no reason for mistrust."

Iron ore price builds on rally

Posted on June 20, 2014

But Chinese banks are starting to call in iron ore-backed loans to traders holding 38mt, forcing them to dump inventories onto already well-supplied market.

Platinum, palladium prices slide despite stalled strike deal

Posted on June 20, 2014

Palladium falls 2% while platinum retreats to pre-strike levels.

CHART: Silver price busts out of 3-year downtrend

Posted on June 20, 2014

Hedge funds holding record short positions are scrambling to cover their bets – pushing silver above a down trend line in place since April 2011.

Gold price breakout sparks massive move into mining stocks

Posted on June 19, 2014

Goldcorp adds a cool $1 billion in market value as sector adds more than 5% on the day following a surprise spike in the gold price.

Gold price on insane surge after massive trade

Posted on June 19, 2014

After months of quiet trade massive 82 tonne buy order lights fire under gold price, up nearly 4%.

Iron ore price in mini rally

Posted on June 18, 2014

Back above $90 a tonne after soaring Indian ore import numbers lift sentiment.

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