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Frik has worked as a financial journalist for 15 years covering a variety of industries for several business and consumer publications including British Airways in-flight magazine, Business Insider,,, YCharts and Business in Vancouver. Frik presented at the Global Mining Summit in Las Vegas, the Salt Lake City Mine Lifecycle Management conference and the Resources Investment Conference in Vancouver and has been interviewed on Korean state TV and CBC radio. (DISCLAIMER: Frik Els does not own shares or hold positions in any of the equities he writes about. Nothing written should be viewed as a solicitation to buy or sell any securities.)

Rand sinks platinum, palladium prices

Weakening currency supplies fatter margins for South African mines responsible for nearly three-quarters of global platinum production.

Giant BC gold project receives new permits

Seabridge Gold is building a 2.1km adit for underground exploration at its 100%-owned KSM property, the world's largest gold-copper project by reserves.

Coking coal, iron ore prices resume surge

Chinese traders back from week-long holiday continue to chase steelmaking raw materials.

Nickel price rally 'on shaky ground'

Partial lifting of Indonesia ore ban could make up any potential Philippines export losses.

Fresh blow to world's largest mining project

World Bank pulls out of $20 billion Simandou iron ore project in Guinea, West Africa.

Wind, solar power plants cheaper than coal in a decade

In countries like Chile and Morocco, the tipping point has already been passed.

CHART: Copper price slump devastating Chile state finances

Mining-related income now accounts for just 1.5% of government revenues, down from a peak of over 34% in 2006.

ETF investors pile in as gold price falls

On Friday, bargain hunters added more than 11 tonnes to holdings of GLD, the world's largest physically-backed gold exchange traded fund.

Hedge funds came prepared for last week's gold price plunge

Gold futures and options speculators added 38% to bearish bets on gold price ahead of last Tuesday's crash through $1,300 an ounce.

Gold price spikes after US jobs data, then sinks

With non-farm payrolls still pointing to rate hike this year, gold price sets fresh four-month low.

Futures markets point to 'overcooked' coking coal price

CHARTS: Panic buying from Europe and India said to be behind met coal surge.

RNC Minerals ups exposure to near-record Aussie gold price

Debt refinancing provides big boost for ramp-up and development of Beta Hunt gold mine in Western Australia acquired in May.

The world's largest gold project just got a whole lot bigger

Study ups production rate at Seabridge's $5.5 billion gold-copper project in BC by nearly a third, pushing per ounce operating costs into negative territory.

Technicals, Chinese holiday behind much of gold price drop

Chinese gold investors usually buy on dips, but the country's financial markets were closed for the annual Golden Week holiday.

'Monetary supercycle' demise could add $1,000s to gold price

VIDEO: Not all investment managers are buying into the notion that gold's 2016 bull run has been cut short.

Goldcorp's Peñasquito could restart within day

Government mediation could end blockade by truckers and farmers at Vancouver gold miner's flagship Mexico operation, readied for immediate restart.

CHART: Despite unnerving gold price fall, mining rally's intact

While met coal is clearly the star performer, thermal coal is probably the biggest upset – seaborne prices have jumped 65% in 2016 to above $80 a tonne.

Gold price fight back cut short by US data

Gold price turns negative again as economic activity gauge jumps, the dollar rallies and rate hikes loom – charts point to move to $1,200.

Zinc, lead prices break free from long term downtrend

Resistance breach shows significant upside potential for base metals.

Gold price is getting crushed

Crashes through $1,300 an ounce – down more than 2%.

CHART: Coking coal surge could kill quarterly pricing

During Q3, the daily spot price averaged almost $133 per tonne, 44% higher than the quarterly benchmark agreed in late June.

Platinum price back in triple digits

Strikers at top South African platinum producer enter two-year wage deal.

US remains almost entirely dependent on China rare earths

US imports 91% of its rare earth needs from China as low price environment bankrupts producers and stalls projects elsewhere.

US coal legend Ernie Thrasher close to bagging Anglo mines

Thrasher's Xcoal and private equity firm Apollo said to be in exclusive talks to buy Anglo American's mines in Queensland amid coking coal price surge.

Vale board not even talking about fertilizer sale

Long-rumoured deal with US Mosaic to buy Brazilian unit worth up to $3 billion goes quiet.