Frik Els

Frik has worked as a financial journalist for 15 years covering a variety of industries for several business and consumer publications including British Airways in-flight magazine, Business Insider,,, YCharts and Business in Vancouver. Frik presented at the Global Mining Summit in Las Vegas, the Salt Lake City Mine Lifecycle Management conference and the Resources Investment Conference in Vancouver and has been interviewed on Korean state TV and CBC radio. (DISCLAIMER: Frik Els does not own shares or hold positions in any of the equities he writes about. Nothing written should be viewed as a solicitation to buy or sell any securities.)

INTERACTIVE: Mining emerges from slump

With only a couple of exceptions, metal and mineral prices rallied in 2016 – see at a glance how far the industry has come.

Gold price rally gains momentum

Gold price jumps by most since September hitting one month high.

Gold price: ETF investors start 2017 with massive offload

Since Trump's victory investors in top physically-backed gold exchange traded fund GLD have dumped 136 tonnes, liquidating another 8 tonnes on Tuesday.

CHARTS: Gold price 'increasingly ripe for a bounce'

Hedge funds covering short positions prompt spike in gold price to three-week high on first full trading day of 2017.

China to become net importer of some rare earths

New study says after lengthy and painful adjustment, rare earth industry will return to growth led by global government initiatives around green energy.

SLIDESHOW: Mining on the mend – 2016 year in review

The global mining industry rebounded from multi-year lows in 2016 –'s most popular posts of the year tell the story.

CHART: Gold mining stocks breakout 2016

Shares in the world's top gold miners outperformed the gold price by a huge margin – number one Barrick Gold surged by 116% in 2016.

Gold price breaks 3-year losing streak

But measured against US stocks, gold is now the cheapest since October 2007.

Coking coal price ends 2016 with sharp drop

Down more than 5% as market for steelmaking raw material corrects after dizzying year.

Gold mining stocks in huge rally

With brighter outlook for gold price, investors pile back into sector – Barrick surges to seven-week high in heavy volume.

Gold price jumps most since Trump election

Up nearly 2% as hedge funds scramble for metal after doubling bearish bets on gold since November 8.

CHART: Trump devastates top gold mining stocks

Despite a mini-rally on Friday, the world's top 12 gold producers have lost a combined $19 billion in value since November 8.

Iron ore price hits three-week low

But forward curve currently pricing 2017 at around $70 per tonne – around 25% higher than 2016’s year to date average.

Global executives renewed optimism about Chinese economy

A new survey shows those heading some of the world's largest corporations are increasingly sanguine about China hitting growth targets.

CHART: China's economy growing fastest since 2013

Turnaround in GDP expansion in world's top commodity consumer over the past few months "almost as sharp as in 2009" says new study.

Gold price: The great year-end ETF liquidation sale

Heavy selling of gold ETFs is creating its own momentum – many investors are under water after buying 160 tonnes in GLD this year at prices above today's

Without China global mining would be smaller than in 2000

TABLE: China's copper demand grew 11-fold in 15 years – the rest of the world shrunk. Sans China, the nickel market would've barely broken a million tonnes.

Chinese tax breaks do nothing for palladium price

Down $110 in December.

Gold price drops again as ETF investors, hedge funds flee

CHARTS: Negative sentiment is swamping retail and institutional investors.

Venezuela misses payout to Spokane gold junior

Gold Reserve says initial $300m payment from Venezuela government under $770m copper-gold project seizure settlement "expected in the next few days."

Little upside for gold price in 2017

BMO Capital Markets downgrades its 2017 outlook for the gold price.

Copper price correction in full swing

Profit-takers push copper price down more than 3%.

Big drop in South Africa platinum output

The African nation produces some 70% of the globe's platinum.

Copper price jump: China concentrate imports hit record

Copper price up 37% from January's six-year low as Chinese concentrate and ore imports surge.

Coking coal price savaged – biggest drop in 17 months

Just as quarterly benchmark negotiations between miners and Japanese steel mills kick off, the coking coal price comes off the boil.